Some days do not worked out as planned. Yesterday was one of them.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning todays internet show. All of a sudden…..chest pain! Big time! This it, I thought.

In addition, my legs were full of fluid. I had not noticed because I was seated while working. Ankles, calf and knees as one up and down.

Oh… blood pressure. Fine. 125/75. Pulse 54.

I am going to refrain from providing any further details. In the end, it was determined that it was not my heart. Nerves. Except for my legs. Took a big time water pill.

In the mean time, Lisa and the grandkids were with me. I was not going to die alone. A half hour after they left, Lisa telephoned. Robert fell….. he has a huge gash in his right leg….. the bone is exposed….. we are on our way to the emergency room.

Robert did a number on himself. He and Ally were jumping on their parent’s bed. There is a small bed board at the end. Robert came down on the corner of the bedboard.


Bone exposed. As well as everything else. After several hours, it was determined no broken bone,ligaments or muscles. He was sewed up. They had to sew his leg in three layers. Took more than thirty stitches.

He will not be walking for a few days.

I skipped bocce last night because of my health. Just telephoned Don to see if we won. No answer. He must still be sleeping. I would have missed bocce anyhow once the call came regarding Robert.

I also sadly am going to miss my internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I do not feel like rushing. I have already spoken with Guy and he will rerun one of my old shows. Listen in. If it is one you missed, you will enjoy. My apologies. But my head is not into rushing this morning.

I had some positive excitement yesterday afternoon before the chest situation arose. I have a new mattress and box spring! White glove treatment. They deliver the new and remove the old. Simple!

Fourteen years ago when this home was purchased, I was anxious to sleep here. Did not want to wait six weeks for delivery of something good. Ended up buying a cheap bedroom set somewhere.With it came a cheap mattress. The thought was the bedroom set would be replaced at some point in time. It never was.

The old mattress over the years developed an indentation/hole where my body lay on my side of the bed. Turns out the only good thing about yesterday was last night’s sleep. The pleasure of a firm mattress!

There is one other good thing that came out of yesterday. Robert’s injury could have been worse. Much worse.

I feel fine this morning. I am not going to worry about anything. When showered and dressed, I shall go over to visit Robert. Probably spend the day with him. Play fish, watch television and the like.

I am grateful that most of my Key West days are good for me and my family. However, as the saying goes…..into each life some rain must fall.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, be well, my e-"fellow alum", and just consider that as far as "rainfall" goes, this double bad day was just a sprinkle and not Irene or Katrina.

    Did you see that "Hilary" may be a big blow … in the Pacific; not to BHO44. It's the storm; not the politician.

    (Hope I made you laff!)

  2. Take care Lou, take it easy. So sad to hear of Robert's injury. At least it will heal fine and could have been much worse. Relax, you are in the place for it.

  3. Lou, Glad to hear your blood pressure is improved. In medicine it is better to be proactive instead of reactive. Consider a University level hypertensive work up. There are many causes of hypertenison; renal artery stenosis, adrenal tumors secreting too much epinephrine, etc. Most cases of hypertension are unknown or an etiology or cause cannot be discovered. These cases are called "essential hypertension." An identifiable cause can still be ameliorated with medication but… it would be best to discover the underlying cause and treat the source of the problem, not just the hypertension caused by it. Some people with more severe hypertension have "labile hypertension." Consider a cardiac catheterization to really get a handle on what is going on with your heart. You are having too many symptoms that are worrisome! If you do have a heart cath have it done at a cardiac center that can open your chest in an emergency and fix whatever is wrong and not just send you to another place at a later time. Look for "one stop shopping!" Signed, one of your many fans.

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