Back in business! Computer fixed!

Blog late today. Will be on time tomorrow.

Big day today! Lisa’s birthday! I know I am not supposed to tell, but she celebrates number 47. She looks 27! Lisa is one happy Mom and now business person.

Lisa says Robert and Ally were all excited this morning. They were up early to wish her a Happy Birthday! They each had made cards to present her.

She loved it all! As it should be.

Tonight, we are going out as a fmily to celebrate Lisa’s birthday. Don’t know where yet.They will decide and I will follow.

Bocce last night. A disaster. We lost all three games. Not even close.

We played the number 1 team. No excuse. We were number 3. They were 11-1 and we were 9-3.

We were no where as good as they were. They were on the pollina all the time and blasted well.

Such is life!

We live to fight/play another day!

I am reading the Cheney book. In My Time. I am a little more than 200 pages into it.

My conclusions/observations thus far are simple. Cheney wrote this book for himself. To laud his accomplishments.

Cheney was born poor. He is entitled to be proud of what he has  achieved. However, he makes it sound like things just happened to him. Good things. He seems to always have been in the right place at the right time and was always picked for the next job job up the ladder.

I am at Bush I’s Iraqi war.

The war probably was Cheney’s war. He clearly sets forth that it was he who saw the danger with Iraq and set the wheels in motion for the war. No one else saw the danger as he did till he educated them on the dangers of Huessein.

He comes over as a pompous. A know it all. One who smoozed his way to the next level. One who knew how to get his way.

I look forward to reading the balance of the book.

What really is needed is a non biased biography written by a person distanced from Cheney. I am sure such an evaluation will come in due course.

My comments have been made not as a Democrat. Politics has nothing to do with it. I have read almost half the book so far. I admire his brilliance. His ability to forge ahead. His talent for making people dance to his tune.

Cheney is good!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou – Reading the book also and am at the same point you are. I too am amazed how he is always in the right place and doesn't seem to ever be wrong.

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