Sorry to be late!

Computer problems again. With the new computer. Only 2 months old!

I will probably be late tomorrow, also. But…..I will be here. I am at Lisa’s using one of her computers.

I had a big day planned. Cheney’s book. I am into it. Will leave my comments to another day. Key West items I cannot recall at the moment. My notes are home and I am here.

There has been an increase in nude and almost nude protest demonstrations world wide recently. I was going to comment in detail. But again, the notes are at home.

I’m doing good. Not really. Sorry.

The interesting thing I discovered regarding nudity involves San Francisco. There is no law prohibiting peopole from going out in public with out clothes. Totally bare ass. And some do it!

Some one now wants to have a local law passed requiring that people must wear clothes while in restaurants. Yes, public nudity while dining is permitted in San Francisco. In addition, this person wants the law to require that whenever a bare ass person sits anywhere, they first put something down under their butt.

Notice no one is suggesting that public nudity be banned. It probably would not fly.

Which brings me to Fantasy Fest. Key West is no where as liberal as San Francisco. Female nipples and genitals must be covered. Men must cover their private part.

During parade night at Fantasy Fest a couple of years ago, I was having dinner during the parade at the bar at Marquesa with Marty and his wife.. A group of eight came in. They were off a nude cruise that was docked in Key West for the night. They had a table reserved and were immediately seated.. All were dressed minimally. For Key West. Consistent with Key West laws. Women had their nipples and privates covered. The men their privates only.

Actually the men were a bit over attired. Some wore bow ties.

That’s it for today. I have to get the computer fixed.

Hope your day is going well!

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