Big party last night!

A birthday party!

For two. Angus and Keith. Angus now 47 and Keith turning 34. Angus is the jovial bearded bartender at Schooner Wharf. I am not sure where Keith is presntly emplyed. He has a dual claim to fame, however. He is David’s son and Jen’s boy friend.

A couple of years ago, Angus and I played golf on a team together in a scramble. We won the scramble and each team member pocketed over $300. I am the world’s worst golfer. Angus knocks me not. He is always complimenting my purported fine play of that day. A nice guy!

Some of us met first at Don’s Place. Kurt picked me up. It was an hour of pre-dinner fun. I chatted quite a bit with Herschel. Bocce. What else?

Then to the The Strip House for dinner. The finest place for steaks in Key West. No comparison. I have said it before. A treat to eat there.

By this time, our group totaled 14. We sat outside at a long table. The weather was perfect.

Outside at The Strip House can best be described as a huge porch overlooking the ocean. Maybe twenty feet away. We arrived when the sun was still in the sky. Were there when it set. And still there during the black of the evening. There was no moon on the water. There must have been clouds. However, the moving water could be clearly heard.

I did not know everyone. Those I can recall included Kurt, Don, Boomer, Keith, Jen and Angus.

It was a good evening. Great conversation. Lots of laughs.

Happy birthday, guys! It was a pleasure to have celebrated the event with you.

Tomorrow, the Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. On the internet. Watch and listen at

Great topics!

I am going to hit on a personal one. Syracuse moving over to the ACC. I will share some behind the scene events based on my  twenty year Syracuse experience. A leopard does not change its spots!

Plus, labor unions in China (surprisingly not suppressed), an eel story that will make you cringe, Chinese condoms too small for African men, the miniskirt/female dress issue hitting the Muslim streets of Jakarta, the critical financial condition of our largest banks, and a Naval officer who shot up a fishing boat rather than a gunnery target during practise.

Joined with Mayor Bloomberg’s warning of possibble riots in the streets, burying the dead becoming too expensive for many, flashing headlights and free speech, women moving to the top of the corporate ladder in China faster than in the U.S., a Texas Republican Senator who owns a chain of Subway Shops who claims he has a hard time living on his $600,000 net income, and a comparison of Senator and Congressmen salaries/retirement compensation to that of Social Security recipients and soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

A lot on the plate. All fast moving and interesting. Some items thought provoking.

Pleaase join with me, if you can.

This morning the dentist. Again. What started as 4 months is now 8. I suspect at least 2 more.

Next year, I do not want to see either a doctor or dentist!

Tonight, bocce!

We continue to discuss and mix and match partners. It is called refinement. I don’t know if in the end it will  have made any difference. Our final league standing will be proof of the pudding.

I just looked outside. It is pink. A touch on everything.The sun is just below the horizon and is rising into a large cloud bank.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The Strip House, huh!?

    See, Lou… THIS is why every year around this time I check in on your blog!

    Come Oct. 5th it'll be me and my wife's (plus our friends Drunk'n Ted and Drunk'n Mary) fourth consecutive arrival in beautiful, wonderful Paradise! (And man… are we looking forward to it!!!)

    I'll be checking out your recent posts, but if any other "new" places have struck your fancy lately please consider giving 'em a shout-out.

    (Thanks to you the Chart Room is a yearly stop!)

    Hey… Lou… have you ever tried Ilona's Garden Cafe over on Appelrouth? They have pretty good pierogies… good food in general in fact… and a great beer and well thought out wine selection.

    Anyway… hopefully I'll remember to listen to your radio show online tomorrow morning. In any case, take care of yourself; I'm sure the blood pressure thing will be fine – just a matter of fine tuning the meds.

    Harriman, NY

  2. Lou…. Just got back from NYC saw to Yankee games, WED & Thur. I caught up with your blog. Had same ant problem all over kitchen, in dish washer. They to were real small ants. Used the Terro liquid like that other fellow said. No more ants. Worked for others that I recomended it to. Do some research on your BP problem, sounds like the pills are screwing you up. FYI, St Cosmo & Domian feast this weekend.



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