I enjoyed my yesterday.

Basically only did two things. Final preparations for today’s radio show by day and bocce by night.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour radios at 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. The show can also be seen as well as heard worldwide on the intertnet at http://www.konkam.com/.

Join me for an interesting and fun time!

Some highlights include a decision by a Florida appeals court declaring the law against gay adoption unconstituional, the don’t ask/don’t tell mess, a tale of greed involving a California Mayor, the Lingerie Football League (you read me correctly), California’s Proposition 19 and legalization of marijuana for personal use, Montana weird dumb laws, an income tax disgrace, dog scent evidence in a Texas murder case, Virginia’s first female execution in over 100 years, the weird dumb lawsuit of the week involving Michael Vick, and a decisin by a Senegal Court forbidding child begging.

Terrific material! I love the research and preparation. I love sharing my findings with you. Listen/watch, if you can. You will not be disappointed!

Last night’s bocce match was one of the best I have ever participated in. Fun! Close! Tense!

It was a money game! My team and 3 others have this sort of side bet thing. When we play each other, $150 is at stake. A pot of $450 is accumulated during the season to pay for a season end party only for the 4 teams involved. The winning team pays nothing. The other 3 kick in $150 per team.

We played Fairfield last night. They are good! A bit better that us this season.

Both sides were wired. A must win for each side.

We did it! We won the match! Two out of three games!

The first game did not go well. We lost 16-11. I felt very uncomfortable at the end of the game. Not a good night ahead, I thought.

We came back in the second game, however. Big time! Won 16-3. Ho, ho!

The third game was for all the money!

It was close. A nail biter. The lead moved back and forth several times. We finally won 16-14.

Both sides agreed that last game was one of the best either side had ever played in.

I was terrific! No humility.

But every one on my team was terrific! David was outstanding. Spectacular is a better word! In that last game, within a short 10 minute period, David had 4 difficult shots. Impossible! He had to make each one. Could not be done!

He did it!

Michelle, Keith, Don, Erica and Herschel all contributed in one fashion or another. We did the job!
The Fairfield players were excellent! Good guys, too!

A talented team! Angus. He was on last night! Chris, too. Nate is always good. A natural athlete. Russ was there with his shots!

I met Nancy last night. She recently returned from Afghanistan. A lovely lady. She is friends with Herschel and Erica. Her first time at a bocce match. She made her contribution to the cause. Not as a player. As a spectator. She talked with the opposing players. The idle chatter affected their concentration.

It’s all part of the game!

I mentioned Russ earlier. Russ is Chief Chef at The Strip House. You will recall I maligned the place in yesterday’s blog. I was irritated by a $5 surcharge for sharing a $42 steak. Russ was aware of my comments. He looked at me cross eyed as I approached him for the first time last night.

Russ is a company man. The Strip House is a chain. His perceptioon, and correctly so, is that anything I say affects the company’s image nationwide.

Russ is a nice guy. I felt bad.

I felt worse when he told me that the $5 sharing charge has always been there. It is everywhere nationwide. My problem was that I had either never noticed it before or never reviewed my bill before. Probably the latter.

Mea culpa Strip House. Mea culpa Russ. But I still think the $5 sharing fee is a stupid charge in an expensive restaurant!

Enjoy your day! Again, listen in to the radio show at 10 this morning.

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  1. If you don't like the five dollar sharing charge then don't eat there. Plain and simple.

    It may be a nationwide idea but here in Key West we could care less about the chain and its policies.

    See how long these places stay in business when the locals are pissed off. See how they starve in the summer when the locals stay away and their employees leave for other more rational digs. See how long they stay afloat or move away from the island.

    It has happened to many places here in Key West and if you piss off the locals you'll find it a very empty restaurant. The coconut telegraph moves fast.

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