Slept late this morning.

It is like getting up in the middle of the day. Eveything is in place and working. As it should be.

The sun is out. The sky is blue. An occasional cloud. The water is moving along. There is a slight breeze. The yellow MTV house across the way is glistening in the sunlight.

Yesterday morning’s radio show was a hit again! I am fortunate so many watch and listen.

Terrific response afterward both by e mail and telephone. The issues discussed yesterday were especially intertesting. Timely. Most of the events discussed had occurred during the past week.

One item I talked about was old hat, however. It has been around for about a year. Only not for me. I just discovered its existence this past week.

I am referring to the LFL. It is the opposite gender to the NFL, the National Football League. The LFL is the Lingerie Football League.

Yes, there is a football league for the ladies. It has been in existence for about a year.

The LFL consists of 10 teams. Their names fit the concept. Like Chicago Bliss, Philadelphia Passion, Miami Caliente, Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation and San Diego Seduction.

I kid you not!

The ladies play two 17 minute halfs.

Their attire is lingerie, of course. Plus shoulder pads and helmets.

The league games are played friday evenings and are televised. Though I have never seen one.

The NFL has the Super Bowl. The LFL has its own super bowl game at the end of the season. It is called the Lingerie Bowl.

The 2011 Lingerie Bowl is scheduled to be played Sunday February 6, 2011. That is the same day as Super Bowl. The ladies’ game will be played during the half time of the Super Bowl game. On a different channel.

There are two reasons why I spoke about the Lingerie Football League on my radio show yesterday. One was practical. The other legal.

I advised Don at Don’s Place, Patrick at the Sports Page Bar and the other sports bars in town to start showing the LFL games. They show the NFL games on sundays. Their bars are packed. Lets give the ladies a chance, better stated equal time, on fridays.

The legal issue is the real reason I spoke about the LFL. It involves the uproar a couple of weeks ago involving female sports writer Ines Sainz.

I spoke to the legal issue a week ago on my radio show.

As you are aware, female sports writers are allowed in the dressing rooms of male sports teams. Even following a game when the players are showering, dressing and walking around nude.

This is a settled issue in the law and our present day culture. If a male reporter can enter a male team’s dressing room, so too can a female sports writer. The women cracked the glass ceiling in this regard.

As my Constiuutional Law professor Bill Loyd used to tell us in class…..What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Male reporters have the equal right to enter female team dressing rooms. But apparently rarely, if at all, do. I call it good taste. Even respect.

Sainz apparently got hastled a bit in the New York Jets dressing room and on the field. It hit the media big time!

Now comes the Lingerie Football League. Would the ladies involved like to have male reporters walking in their dressing room while they are walking around in various states of undresss or completely undressed?

I doubt it.

Nor do I believe that most men in a similar state in a male dressing room want a female reporter wandering about while the family jewels are exposed.

My stated remedy on the radio show a week ago was to stop reporters of either sex from entering a team’s dressing room at any time. The what is good for the goose is good for the gander theory applied in another fashion.

The solution is simple. Have a specified time and place set for after the game. Say one hour. At that time and place, all players appear. Clothed of course. And then questioned by the sports reporters, male and female alike.

It is called good taste. Sensitivity. Respect.

Enjoy your day!

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