The seasons are changing. It is less noticeable here in Key West. Sort of sneaks up on you.

I left Lisa’s last night at 7:30. I realized the sun had set! An hour earlier than one month ago!

The temperature is different also. A month ago, it was 8-10 degrees warmer. In the high 80s and low 90s. Yesterday the high was 81.

Less humid, also.

The mornings have changed. It is 6:30 and still dark outside. The sun will not rise till about 7:30.

I started yesterday with a walk. I am not yet into a good health kick. But I am trying! The walk was at Home Depot. Once around takes me about 20 minutes. Covers each and every aisle.

Soon I will be moving outdoors. With the humidity diminishing, walking outside will not be a problem.

I am thinking of joining a gym. I am moving towards good health! It takes me time to get there!

The gym on Truman next to Don’s Place. It is old and beat up. Large. Has all kinds of equipment.

My reason for eventually joining this particvular gym is its boxing equipment. It has three bags. I have visited all or most of the other gyms in town. They either have one or no bags.

I box a bit. Have my own gloves. Had a room created for boxing in my home back in Utica. I would like to box a bit again each day. Great exercise! The entire body moves!

I am thinking about it. This is the Louis process. I have not joined as yet. Soon, however.

Lunch yesterday was at Lucky Day. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Owner Jana has a terrific personality. The place was full for lunch yesterday. I was happy for her.

I have been on a family kick the last two nights. Dinner with Lisa and the family.

Last night I had to eat with them! Lisa cooked one of my Mother’s favorites. As her Grandmother taught her. Chicken, potatos and peas in oil broiled in the oven. To die for! We ate good and in a party atmosphere. Lisa was proud of her culinary efforts. She spoke of her Grandmother. We all enjoyed!

Tonight I am out on the town! I have done the fmily thing enough. Need a break. As my friend Howard Livingston would say, I need some Key West time!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Join the gym and box. Walk. Bike to the gym instead of driving. And for goodness sake, no cheese on the Cuban toast! Cheese is the killer, a detriment to your new healthy eating and doesn't help your cholesterol count.

    Don't give up those healthy habits. JUST DO IT!

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