Overcast this morning. Rained during the night. Looks like it may rain more this morning.

Even gray, everything looks good! Sky, water, palm trees, mangroves, house across the way.

My Sunday morning yesterday started with Meet the Press and the Chris Matthews Show.


I am getting sick of the Democratic/Republican diatribe. Same thing week after week lately.

I walked. Downtown Key West. Duval Street. From the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. Took all of 40 minutes.

It was quiet. Except for Poker Run and the bikers, September is a dead month in Key West. Actually it is a good time to visit. No crowds. Many restaurants at half price. Hotels with cheaper rates.

The ambviance remains the same, however. A good time can be had by all!

After my walk, I headed to the Coffee House. It was time for the New York Times!

I am a born reader. Especially in retirement. When I worked, I had little time to read to the degree that I do now. Actually had no time. It was law, law, law. As it was supposed to be. This is another time and different activity.

Then to Lee Nails. To see Tammy and get a manicure. Tammy and her huband bought Lee Nails about a year ago. Tammy is 28. Her husband a bit older. Even her mother in law works in the business. The mother in law is 38. Tammy and her husband have 2 children. They are hard workers. An example is that they decided a few months ago to open on Sundays. A smart move! The place was busy yesterday.

I had intended to go to Don’s Place. Sunday afternoons are fun during pro football season. But I had my druthers. I preferred watching the final round of the Fed Ex golf tournament. So I went home.

Good golf! Even without Tiger. Jim Furyk did himself proud. Walked away with a total of $11 million!

This coming week is big time in the golf world. The Ryder Cup. In Wales. The best of the best playing!

Dinner was with the family at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally dominate the house. It is always an experience being with them.

Montessori is having a race next Saturday to raise money. One of the festivities is a one half mile race for kids. Robert is going to run in the race. He has been training in his physicval eduction class at Montessori for it. There will be a pasta dinner Friday night for the runners and whoever else wishes to attend. Robert is going to feel like a big deal! At the same time that he is being introduced to a new and healthy life activity.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, you and Don's Place?! I always chuckle when I think of you in such an establishment. Every time I looked for one of my painters when remodeling my home they would be sitting at Don's Place. In the morning. Drinking. When they should have been working on my home! LOL!

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