Nicole never made it!

She stood Key West up!


I was so certain tropical storm Nicole was going to hit Key West yesterday. The weather reports made it a certainty.

I told you in yesterdy’s blog it was coming.

It never came!

Nicole entered the keys around Marathon. Marathon is 45 miles north of Key West. Key Largo was flooded big time. Miami and north had large amounts of water and flooding.

Key West, nothing.

I said I was not going to play golf because of the rain. Don telephoned. We are going to try to play. Ok.

I went to the golf course. Gray. Don, Rob, Kurt, Larry and Aaron there. I ended up playing in a two some with Aaron.

It sprinkled a bit on the first hole. I put on my rain gear.

On the second tee, the sun came out. And never went away. It was a glorious day! A bit windy. Kept things comfortable.

There was no one on the course except us. Larry and I played 18 holes in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Dinner last night was at the Yacht Club. I entertained Don, Kurt, Larry and Aaron. We had a good time! Joked and laughed all through dinner. These are some of the best guys in the world!

Afterwards we went over to the Bottle Cap to see Larry’s internet radio variety show live.

Permit me to digress for a moment.

Key West has some of the best and most talented musicians and musial venues in the world. Among them, Bobby Nesbitt, Howard Livingston, Larry Smith and the Keys Piano Bar.

In my walk around Truman Annex a few days ago, I ran into Bobby Nesbitt. He had just returned from some cruise gigs and European travels. We chatted a bit. He was to begin his Wednesday night thing at Aqua last night. I was excited. His singing touches the heart. Makes one happy.

I did not make it to Aqua last night unfortunately. I worked on Friday’s radio show and then rushed to dinner at the Yacht Club.

Tonight Bobby is playing at cocktail time at Kate Miano’s Gardens. A great setting for a great performer! Catch him, if you can. I cannot. I will miss him again. Bocce. Life is all about priorities!

Howard Livingston is just big time! No other way to describe him. Obviously talented. His new Direct TV show into 34 million homes validates my admiration of his talents.

Larry is one of Key West’s premier musicians. Perhaps numero uno. A technician. A craftsman. Between his Wine Galley shows and now the radio internet show, he is a major contributor to the Key West musical scene.

I loved the Keys Piano Bar. Notice the past tense. It will be no more. The Keys Piano Bar closed for six weeks. Now it has been announced it will not reopen. Sad. I enjoyed the New York piano bar music it provided Key West.

Things may be changing. It may be that a bar or night club is no longer the primary venue for musical offerings. I sense a transition. I believe Howard and Larry have tapped into the new mode for enjoying visual music. Internet sourced.

Economics may have a lot to do with it. It is cheaper to sit home and sip your own vino and watch internet produced music. Bar tabs have gotten increasingly larger in recent years.

Larry’s variety show last night was terrific! The best yet! Each show is increasingly better.

Jenna was lovely and perfect as Larry’s co-host. The cast excellent. Gee Gee, Alex, Doc Covan, Petra and Peter Diamond all did their thing perfectly.

The show is experiencing some techincal difficulties. Professional though it may be, there are always bumps in the road. Last night it was the cameras. They were not getting the show to stream onto the internet for a while. Larry, worry not. Everything in due course.

I watched the show with Don and Kurt. Somewhere along the way, we lost Don. I turned around for a second and when I turned my head again, he was gone.

Bocce tonight.

And, oh I almost forgot! Today is Lisa’s birthday. Happy birthday Lisa! I love you!

Lest you think poorly of me, I already telephoned her about 6 this morning to wish her a happy birthday.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The economy, at least for middle income people, has had to make them rethink the money they spend…..want vs. need. Thus they stay home for more meals and as you said vino and music at home. Not all can afford to eat out daily. We are becoming a nation of a 2 class system. The rich and the poor. Our middle class will become non exsistant if things don't start to turn around pretty soon. Should that happen we will be in dire straits.

  2. Then blame the present administration for spending taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow. Feel sorry for the next generation who will be in debt till they die. Death and taxes are a certainty. And who cares about the middle class anyway? The American Dream was never a reality. We are a nation of the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. Get used to it – I have mine so too bad if you don't have any. Not my problem. When our young know the name of every person on a reality tv show but not the name of the vice president or speaker of the house you know we are in trouble. The are the future of this country and they could care less.

  3. The problem is we have two political parties that are basically made up of folks from the upper classes (or they get there once elected and "in"). Thus, the elections mean wild swings between ivory tower idealogical extremes that wind up with a paralyzed Government at the federal level that is more and more squandering the vast wealth the nation generated at height of empire while doing nothing for our future.

    China, ancient China, slowly uses the command economy style to secure the future for its ascendancy once again via access to energy, lack of waging wars around the world and status as our major creditor. Would I want to live in a Command Economy? I suppose that question is best answered by the rising Chinese middle class.

    It is gridlock USA versus the emerging world. We will see where it ends up. In my opinion, it will mean a drastically reduced standard of living in America where one always wondered how 5% of the global population could control 20-25% of the resources (exact estimates varied with time). Those days are fading now and with them rises the two class system.

    America will end up like all other faded empires, here, still limping about but resource depleted, dependent upon imports for essentials and with massive class stratification.

    I do not see much hope unless some leader actually does evoke real systemic change here where business greed and control is finally devolved to the people as the Founders had hoped would always hold true. Then the tough choices on entitlements, the wars abroad and how to structure an economy finally so all truly do have equal opportunity can be made once again. I am not holding my breath because the wealthy enjoy their villas and the masses remain intoxicated by the "circuses" of the media and sports. Bread and Circuses placate the masses as in Juvenal's time and the Powers that Be are well aware!

    What will the future truly hold? A different century, more austerity and hopefully a return to the realization that everyone should be rewarded for their hard work and labor and not paper profits from bogus paper transactions and endless printing of fiat money papering over the gross mistakes those MBA's made with their hot shot minds; even as it decimates savings, lowers compassion at the government level and ultimately weakens the free market system.

  4. Hardly, as I wrote the first one. Perhaps the second and third are the same person as it does read that way. Wonder who it may be????

  5. Not the same person and why must anyone "lighten up"? Are you that ignorant to know better or too lazy to care? I bet you are a moddle age obese unemployed drop out lonlely hack loving off mom and dad in their converted basement apartment.

  6. The Middle Age drop out has a roof thanks to Mom & Dad's busting ass. Not unlike the Chinese families and their multi-generational living situations.

    America is in for some big adjustments, I bet we adjust poorly.

  7. Why live off mom and dad for the rest of your life? Get out and get a job – two jobs – three jobs. If you have to work 16 hours a day, walk or take a bus, live three or four in a one bedroom apartment, sleep on an air mattress, and eat ramen noodles or mac and cheese for years, guess what? You will. And you will do so while saving every penny, no booze or nightlife, buy second hand clothes or make your own, and live frugally while managing your money and paying cash for everything.

    Think it will be easy? No. But look at how your grandparents and parents lived. Look at those who lived in the Great Depression or immigrants around the 1900's lived. Vacations? Maybe someday but for now you will work and work hard. Real hard and no complaining – own up to it. And take side jobs, like mowing lawns, painting, handyman work, shoveling snow up north, and you will be thankful for anything you get. You will sell the ipod and crackberry, give up the stupid items you think are necessary but are just a luxury and live by your wits and means and smarts and stay focused.

    It can be done. However, most young crybabies still believe the world revolves around them and owes them anything they want, including the best paying job and all the amenties they can dream about. They are in for a very rude awakening and only the strong will survive.

    Can't hack it? Then leave this world and make room for someone who can. Step aside as you won't be needed nor missed. Don't like the facts of life as laid forth? Too fricking bad. You don't have to like it but you do have to live it. So stop crying, stop whining and just do it fool! Because I could care less if you don't. Just don't stand in the way of someone who can.

  8. "You will sell the ipod and crackberry, give up the stupid items you think are necessary but are just a luxury and live by your wits and means and smarts and stay focused."

    ………he says, as he types his screed on his computer. Funny.

  9. Yes, but I am NOT living at mom and dad's house. I worked hard and made my money and now can spend it as I please.

    Too bad YOU can't say the same.

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