I wrote yesterday that it was a gray morning and looked like rain. I was wrong. An hour after I wrote that statement the sun came out! Big time! It was a glorious day!

Rainy days are rare in Key West. Generally only a five minute shower here and there. However, this past August and September seems to have had more rain than normal.

I had some paperwork to do. Some business. Some writing. I opted to do it ouside. Put on a bathing suit and took my laptop with me. Sat at the bar beneath the tiki hut. Whenever it got too warm, I walked over to the pool and jumped in for a few minutes.

That is how I spent my day. Not bad.

Part of the writing was in preparation for friday’s radio show.

It is amazing the world wide following the show has developed. Via the internet, of course. The internet in and off itself amazes me. People watch and listen to me from Indonesia, India, South Africa, France. Italy and England, for example.

One of the persons watching and listening from South Africa is Rita. Rita lives in Calitzdorp. Calitzdorp is the port wine capital of South Africa. Its soil and weather are conducive to the port grape.

Rita and her family own and operate a restaurant. In the middle of Calitzdorp. Not a small one. Meals are served in three areas. On a spacious front porch, inside a large rom with a fireplace and outside in a garden. Two hundred patrons a day for lunch and 200 more for dinner. Not a small operation by any description!

Lunch ends around 3. Dinner begins at 6.

My 10 am radio show from Key West is aired at 4 pm in Calitzdorp.

Fifteen to 30 people listen to the radio show. Rita has the voice piped over the loudspeaker system. Some come intentionally to listen. Others just happen to be there.


I stayed in last night. And cooked!

I am on a diet again. This one more healthy I believe.

I was watching former President Clinton on TV last week. He lost weight for his daughter’s wedding and now continues to eat a healthy life style. He has become a vegetarian. It is called the Mediterranean/planters diet. Fruits, vegetables and nuts.

I am into cooking! I call it cooking. It really is not a big deal. But more that I have been accustomed to doing.

Last night it was egg whites, fresh broccoli and low fat shredded cheese in the frying pan with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. It tasted terrific!

I blame my doctor for having to diet again. She said I am periodically unhappy because I have given up all the crutches in life. Alcohol, smoking, sex (not my idea!) and eating. I cannot drink or smoke because of my heart. Sex is not that easy to come by. So I ate! Big Time! Went on a food binge!

I even walked more yesterday. Two times. Around the house. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Why do you need a crutch to get through life? So you don't drink. So you don't smoke. So what? Is that a reason to overeat? NO! It is just an excuse. A cry of 'oh poor me'. Sorry – not buying it here. Live life and quit sniveling! You haven't many years left.

  2. Everyone needs a little something-something to make it easier from time to time. Not a crutch at all. Sounds like you've been well behaved to me and being pretty responsible. I read your blog regularly and haven't heard any "sniveling." Thanks for the updates and don't let the tight asses get to you.

  3. Hey Lou – go on down to Scrub Club or anyone of the Teaser's joints in town. Better yet, a paid escort. Old man with money finds nice blonde bimbo all the time!

  4. All I know, Lou, is that no darned hurricane better hit the Keys in the next few days and if bad weather does hit… it better be gone by the middle of next week cause my annual Key West ramble is set for arrival next Wednesday thru Columbus Day!

    So… the radio show is every Friday. O.K. I'll tune in this week! 10:00 a.m., right?

    I've been dieting too the last month or so; dieting and daily "power walks." Mostly the dieting consists of portion control and choice control – a couple hard boiled eggs here… a yogurt there… pretty much staying away from bread… stuff like that.

    Hey! Shout out to Rita! I love South African wines! South Africa is my "dream" trip. One of these days…

    Whoa… whoa… what's this about giving up ALCOHOL, Lou…?!?!

    What kind of quack are you going to…??? My doctor recommends that I have at least three alcoholic beverages a day! (And the double copay has NOTHING to do with it!)

    No… seriously… regular moderate drinking is good for you. That's not really debatable. Of course the drinking has to be PART of a healthy lifestyle, but the science is the science.

    As for sex…


    I'm married. What do I know?!


    Good for you for giving up smoking, but seriously… you might wanna get a second opinion on this "no alcohol" jazz.

    (You're telling me not even one a day…??? Not even one every few days…??? Not even one a week or one a month…???)

    Anyway… best regards,

    Bill Barker
    Harriman, NY

  5. Hey poster Bill – Lou can't control the weather or tell a hurricane to stay away from here. Check the websites for NOAA or NHC, national hurricane center, and bring rain gear as we are under a tropical storm warning now with high winds and up to a foot of rain over the next few days. As for a hurricane – who knows? We had Wilma in Oct 2005 and it devastated the island and put the breaks on Fantasy Fest. Maybe you'll get lucky…..or not…

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