A big day today! A day of days!

Trombones playing, bands roaring, drums beating!

Lisa and Corey’s seventh anniversary!

Wow! It seems like yesterday…..

It was a great wedding! A beach party! The Southernmost beach.

Seven years later the marriage has produced offspring. Robert and Ally. Add Cameron and we have a typical American family.

I never thought Lisa was going to marry. She was 39 when she met and fell in love with Corey. Things moved fast thereafter. The marriage. The need to produce children swiftly due to Lisa’s age. Robert. Then Ally.

Lisa and Corey have lived through much in their short seven year marriage. Robert being born with cancer. Hurricane Wilma which destroyed their newly reconstructed home and newly acquired furniture. And more. But such is life. They survived. And grew.

Lisa told me this morning something she is constantly sharing with me. As regards Corey, “I love my husband more today than when I married him.”

A good sign!

Corey by the way is the salt of the earth! They come no better. I am pleased with him as a son in law. I am pleased for Lisa that she has him.

Santiago became a more popular figure yesterday. I mentioned Santiago in my blog. Hemingway’s Santiago. The old fisherman from The Old Man and The Sea who went out into the Gulf stream searching for marlin.

My phone has not stopped ringing. People enjoyed the Santiago reference and the fact that I recognized that there are many Santiagos today living in the Florida keys.

It is interesting how some items will trigger an unusual response.

The weather continues to be absolutely outstanding. Typical Key West weather.

I ended up enjoying it yesterday. I hung out by the pool. Just me and my thoughts. Sometimes in the water. Other times on a chaise lounge. Sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the shade. I also spent some time floating in the pool with a noodle under my arms. I consider the noodle one of man’s finest inventions!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. My memories of Lisa's and Corey's wedding was a beautiful occasion made even more special by their love for one another. They're special people.


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