What would Santiago say about the Gulf oil spill?

Who is Santiago?

Ernest Hemingway’s fisherman in The Old Man and The Sea. The aged Cuban who went out into the Gulf stream to catch a marlin.

The same Gulf stream that runs between Key West and Cuba.

Santiago would say…..bad…..terrible! And perhaps even shed a tear.

There are still many Santiagos in the Florida keys. Things have not changed much in the almost 60 years since Hemingway wrote the great novel. There are probably more Santiagos today than back then. Men live off the sea.

Today is World Turtle Day!

An intertnational concern for a breed that lives in the ocean surrounding us.

Turtle Day is only 10 years old. It was started in 2000 by an organization known as American Tortoise Rescue. A not for profit out of Malibu, California. The purpose of World Turtle Day is to encourage human action to help turtles survive and thrive.

The word is “respect.” Like Santiago and others, there must be an innate sense of responsibility for our friends who live in the ocean.

Even before World Turtle Day came into being, there was such concern for turtles here in the Florida keys. Back in the 1980s, a turtle hospital was started in Marathon. Mile marker 48.5. The hospital is the only licensed veternary one dedicated to the treatment of turtles anywhere in the world!

Sick turtles found on the beaches, turtles found floating belly up in the ocean. All are taken to the Marathon hospital and cared for. When well, released back to the sea. If a turtle is not well enough to return, it remains and has a home forever at the hospital.

The Santiagos of the keys care!

Lunch was at Lisa’s yesterday with the grandkids.

Lisa grocery shops Saturday mornings. So her home is an especially good place to eat on Saturday.

Robert, Ally and I enjoyed fresh bagels. An every Saturday thing. And cream cheese, butter and chicken loaf. Plus fresh fruit. Healthy!

Then I was off to Borders. For 3 hours! I am really into the Tiger book. It was flowing. I could not put it down. I have only 40 pages left to finish it. Hopefully, today.

I highly recommend the book. It is entitled Tiger. It is a simple tale of his life. No fanfare. The good mixed with the bad. Matter of factly presented.

I have learned much about Tiger. He became a playboy big time! Openly. He appears to be one of the entitlement generation.

His wife a nice lady. Not one for the public lifestyle. A stay at home person.

Diametrically opposed desires and needs. Where this marriage will go is difficult to say.

Son in law Corey telephoned me later in the aftrnoon. Cameron has been taking comedian lessons. Fifteen years old and taking comedian lessons with people my age.

There was to be a show last night at the Red Barn where the students were going to show off their newly acquired skills. Did I want to go? Yes, but why me? Take Lisa. You two never get out together. I will babysit.

And so I baby sat.

It is always an experience.

No one wanted to play. They were engrossed with kid’s tv. I told them they had one hour of their tv. Then it was Poppa’s time with the tv. When the hour was up, they left me and went to their parent’s bedroom to watch their own show on tv. I got into Godfather III.

Robert fell asleep early. I covered him.

Ally was still wide awake. She came into the living room to visit me. She wanted to read a book to me. Ok, I said.

She got the book and hopped up on my lap. The book was Robert’s. Robert is one year older than Ally. She could not read it. But she made like she could. She explained the pictures on each page and made up her own story line.

I loved it!

Then she fell asleep in my arms. I held her for awhile. Then carried her to bed.

The trio returned a little later. Lisa, Corey and new comedic star Cameron!

He was a hit! Everyone was excited. Cameron was on a high.

We chatted for awile. Lisa had bought a loaf of fresh raisin bread in the morning. We enjoyed raisin bread and butter.

And then I was off to home and bed.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays!

Enjoy your Sunday! I am mine!

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