Overcast today. Raining when I woke. Just gray now.

It will pass. The day will be bright, shiny and warm. It always is.

My morning started yesterday with a meeting at Truman Annex. I do not visit there enough. The place is absolutely beautiful. Another Key West flavor.

Then to the Coffee House. Read the New York Times. Gail was there. Always happy to see Gail. A nice person.

The cupboard was bare again. So it was time to visit Publix.

It is absolutely amazing. I love grocery shopping! Never did it in my other life. What I missed!

By the time I got home, it was close to 3. So I made my own lunch from the goodies I had purchased. Chicken breast on a toasted buttered bagel. Good enough to eat! I did!

I layed down for my late afternoon nap. Turned on the tv. The Turner Classic Channel.

A 1947 cowboy movie was playing. A film of no consequence. Probably a B flick. Starred Evelyn Keyes and Larry Parks. A few years later Parks played Al Jolson in a movie of Jolson’s life. Interestingly, it dawns on me at this moment that Evelyn Keyes played Jolson’s wife. Must be the two of them had something going professionally.

Anyhow, the cowboy movie was not that good. There were some bad guys involved. A father and 3 sons. One of the sons decided to become a good guy. The father was upset. Said even King David had a bad son. Absalom.

The issue triggered my interest. Good son/bad son. I went to the internet. Sure enough David did have a bad son. He who defeated Goliath was almost taken down by his third son. The son’s name was Absalom. A battle took place.

Absalom was vane. Had long hair. As he was riding his horse in battle, he rode under a tree with a low hanging branch. His hair got caught in the branch and Absalom was left dangling there. The King’s forces did him in.

The bad son was vanquished. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Good son/bad son led me to some other interesting quotes and articles.

William Shakespeare wote…..”Good wombs have borne bad sons.” Think about it. There is some truth to it.

There was a scientific article on bad sons. The gist was that good mothers have bad sons. It’s in the genes.

So much for bad sons.

Last night was good daughter night.

It was Lisa and Corey’s seventh wedding anniversary.

We celebrated. Corey, Lisa, Robert, Ally and me. At Mattheson’s on White Street. A sandwich/ice cream store. Hot dogs and fries for the grandkids and sandwiches for the adults. Then ice cream for all.

We had a wonderful anniversary party!

When I arrived home, I had an e mail from Rita waiting for me.

Rita was Robert and Ally’s nanny for 3 years. Originally from South Africa, she returned to South Africa. She wrote of her life there once more. She now has a boy friend. Sounds enamoured. Told me of her children. Adults now.

Rita reads my blog every day and watches the radio show on the internet every week. Go Rita! All the way from South Africa! Love her!

I e mailed her a lengthy response to her lengthy e mail to me.

She and Lisa keep in touch. Periodically speak over the internet. Robert and Ally still know and speak with Rita.

Then to bed.

I turned on the tv. To the Turner Classic Channel, of course. Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea was starting. Santiago revisited. The only trouble was I never got to see the film last night. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Even before the credits were finished.

Such is life!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis, In reference to your comments about Turtle Day in your May 23rd blog, I just wanted to let you know that our friend Alex Okinczyz made a video about the Turtles in the Keys, the main focus was the turtle hospital and the recent release of an injured turtle back to the sea. In today's environment with the oil spill I thought some good news would be appropriate. You and your readers can access it on "YouTube". Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx9JWoV4-0M or you can just put "tribute to the turtle hospital" in the "Youtube" search engine. Thanks, Tino

  2. So impressed with your blog today. Interesting quote regarding "good wombs have born bad sons"You cease to amaze me with your knowledge, keep up the good work.

  3. Interesting is right! The attraction to this blog is down right addicting! One "son" comes to mind who came out smelling like lip gloss!

    Word verification, its not just for debt ridden part timers anymore…. 🙂

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