Good morning world!

I am up a bit early this morning. Golf! I have not played in 3-4 weeks. I am excited. I have missed the game and the friends I play with.

Key West mornings at the break of dawn are so beautiful. And quiet. Peaceful is the word.

I had a great lunch yesterday. Good food and good company!

Ann Hedberg is a friend from the early 1960s. She was a reporter in Utica when I was a young lawyer. She left after a couple of years. I never saw her again till about 10 years ago.

I was at East Martello in Key West for a charity fundraiser. There was Ann. Now married. More than a quarter century. And living in Big Pine.

We try to get together for lunch or coffee every 3 months or so. Yesterday was that day.

We met at the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island. It was a perfect setting. Shrimp boats and all.

Ann had never been to the Shrimp Shack. She is a writer at heart yet. Has a published book to her credit. I could see her mind spinning as she noted the natural beauty of the place. The tarpon jumping particularly intrigued her.

I spent my afternoon reviewing editorials and letters to the editor from Arizona. This immigration thing is a hot topic!

There are always two sides to a story. Most have been blaspheming Arizona since it passed its new “…show me your ID” law. Even I. On the surface, it stinks of Nazi Germany.

My gut tells me there has to be something more. To make a whole State do something so onerous.

So I am digging. In preparation for friday’s radio show when I will comment on the problem from Arizona’s perspective. Tune in. I cannot guarantee your reaction. But there is another side to the story. It should be heard.

Friday’s radio show will also have a segment to do with the Gulf oil spill.

What a tragedy!

Is there no solution?

They figured how to get the oil out. Why don’t they know how to keep it in? Cap it. Blow it up. Do something!

I read somewhenre that the Russians had the problem in 3 places in recent years. They exploded a small nuclear device to seal off the hole in each instance.

What alternatives have BP and the US under consideration? It does not appear any. It seems to be a learn as we go process. Attempt and failure. Keep trying till something works.

More importantly, why as a Nation are we so inept in handling these major disasters? It does not speak well for the purportedly strongest nation in the world.

In any event…..listen in to the Key West Lou Legal Hour on friday morning at 10. KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen on the internet at

What a day! I must comment again.

There is little to no breeze. A bit of clouds so it is gray. And one or two birds chirping.

God did it right!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Great post Lou! I'm eager to hear your thoughts on the Arizona immigration law.

    Personally I'm conflicted by it, part of that is due to I'm not 100%familiar with the complete law.

    Living in MA I can't speak to what it's like to deal with immigration and trials on a day-to-day basis, since we're not a border state.

    On the outset of the law, I certainly do not have a problem with law enforcement, enforcing immigrants to carry their papers. It's the same as you or I carrying some form of ID.

    I know it says the law requires some form of 'suspicion' to stop someone. But I guess that's my problem with it, because that's so vague. Suspicion can be anything, and anything can lead to racial profiling- which is naturall wrong.

    When it comes to this law, I'm reminded of a lyric from a Bruce Springsteen song, 'Long Walk Home' While I'm a rabid Springsteen fan, I don't always agree w/ his politics, but in that song he sings, 'that old flag flying over the courthouse/means certain things are set in stone/who we are/what we'll do and what we won't.'

    I think it really captures where we are and what this law means. We have no problem outlining what we'll do in the name of our flag, but what sets us a part as a country is that there are things we won't do- and I think we forget that sometimes, that the flag also stands for that. And I think this law could open the floodgates to things we shouldn't do.

    At the very least I hope the AZ law gets D.C. to realize that it's time to PROPERLY address the immigration law.

    Looking forward to the Friday show.


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