It is 7 am. I am compelled to speak of the weather again this morning. It is absolutely perfect!

Blue sky, blue water, sun shining and no movement. None at all. Not even the slightest brezze. It is as if the world stopped.

The pastel green and yellow homes across the way are reflected in the water.

Beauty abounds!

This glorious weather will not continue. Soon humidity will start to set in. Then the humidity will become unbearable. By mid august, you will be able to cut it with a knife.

Such is the weather in the keys.

The Gulf oil spill is in its sixth week. Still no solution. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Good? Bad?

The Florida keys are still ok. The oil has not entered the loop current and made its way south to us. But at some point it will. A shift in the winds and we have had it!

In the meantimne, everything is normal in Key West. Fishing good, fish good to eat, tourists seem to be coming. The national news media paints a bit different picture. Enough to scare some tourists away. Not fair. There is no problem here. Yet. And when it comes, there will be probably two weeks notice that it is on its way. It will take 10 to 14 days for the current to bring the oil here.

What a major screw up!

I babysat yesterday morning. Lisa and Corey both had to work.

Robert and Ally wanted to play bingo. I have never won even one game playing bingo with them. Yesterday I did! One game. They were excited. I was excited. Ally turned out to be the big winner. First time for her. Robert had a long face cause he lost.

Lisa was home by lunch time. I had lunch with her and the grandkids.

Then it was off to the Coffee House to read the New York Times. A good steady crowd. Reflective of the holiday weekend.

Dinner was at Lisa’s with the family. Except for Corey. He was still working.

Corey is big into slave ships. A world recognized expert with regard to Spanish galleons in the Caribbean and slave trade in the same area.

A couple of years ago, slave graves were discovered at Higgs Beach. Corey studied the situation. He was able to determine from whence they came, the ship involved and so forth. Through Corey’s efforts, those of the Mel Fisher Museum and others, a special area was marked off at the beach and a monument placed commerating the bodies of those slaves who still lie beneath the sand of the beach.

Yesterday the King of Ghana was in Key West. Ghana is in Africa. His purpose to explain and in a fashion apologize for those that were captured in Africa and sent to our shores. Black tribes captured other black tribes and sold them to slave traders.

I could not make the event. And I have not talked with Corey yet. I telephoned this morning, but Lisa said he was still asleep.

My understanding is that there are many Kings of Ghana. Each state or governmental area has a king. And each goes by the title of King of Ghana.

No more do I know. Except that the King’s visit was a big deal here in Key West yesterday and Corey had to be with the King most of the day. I will share more with you tomorrow after I have had an opportunity to speak with Corey.

After dinner, we all wanted ice cream. So it was off to Dairy Queen. I lead such an exciting life!
Ally convinced me to try sprinkles. She loves sprinkles! So I had rainbow sprinkles on my chocolate cone.

Strange the things that trigger memories. This is Memorial Day Weekend. War movies abound on TV. I woke this morning to Battle Cry. A 1953 film starring Van Heflin and Tab Hunter.

It was September 1953. My first week in college. Manhattan College in New York City. Frank Ravioli from New Haven, Dick Lewis from Albany and I took the subway to Times Square. We went to the movies. To the Paramount. And saw Battle Cry.

Four years later, we graduated. I have never seen Frank or Dick since. Sad.

The game plan for today is Fort Zachrey Taylor beach with Lisa and the family. The weather is perfect for it. My body could use a bit of color. And the grandkids are fun to be with at the ocean.

Enjoy your day!

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