Yesterday was one terrific day!

I played the best golf I have in 10 years during the day. Marty came back to town and we had dinner together last night.

Thank you Lord for making me hit the ball so well yesterday. You have no idea how well! Long and straight!

Larry Smith was complaining on the third hole that I was getting too many strokes. He was wrong. It was just that my good day was becoming obvious.

Larry shot an 87. That’s good golf! I shot a 106. That’s poor golf! A 19 point difference.

He gave me 20 strokes.

The strokes were fair. Normally I shoot 115 to 125. Had I played my usual game, Larry would have killed me!

It was a good group I played with. Cantakerous Larry, Yankee Jack, Randy and Tom.

I ended up the big winner. $19! The winner buys drinks. Drinks cost $12. I was happy to buy. But my net profit was only $7.

I did not care. I won! That is what was important!

The afternoon was spent taking care of business I had not anticiapted had to be dealt with at that time. I was sitting at the computer and telephone the rest of the afternoon, all sweaty from golf, doing work.

Marty is back in town!

Telephoned me at dinner time to let me know. A good guy. I had missed him.

We had drinks at the Chart Room. Susan bartending. Che, Matt and Marty at the bar. Good conversation.

Then Marty and I headed to La Trattoria.

Someone at the bar was eating ossombucco. Lamb shank. Looked terrific. Marty and I ordered the same thing. Tasted terrific! Fatty! Enhanced the already spectacular taste!

We hung around for a while after dinner. Marty drinking Manhattans. Me, diet soda and decaf coffee.

Marty bought. I was his guest.

I slept poorly last night. The ossumbucco did not agree with me. I should have known better.

Today is going to be a Louis day. Quiet and easy. I have to finish work on tomorrow’s radio show. Such is always enjoyable to do. A lot like practicing law. A bit of research. Make notes. Then articulate at show time. Love it!

So many goodies to talk about. The Gulf oil spill, the Arizona immigration law, the locked doors at the Key West Police Station, the concession stand at the school, lead contaminagtion, weird dumb laws, the dumb lawsuit of the week and more. I am contemplating talking a bit about the Lone Ranger. If not tomorrow, next week. A law officer in the old west.

Tune in tomorrow morning. KONK 1500 AM. 10 am. Watch and listen on the internet at

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mr. P – Greetings from behind the iron curtain. Those of us not wearing Prada are singing the same tune this week….another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust hey hey, and another one gone and another one gone, another bites the dust….

    Be well!

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