The title is a joke! We all know better!

It is however the title to my column in this week’s KONK Life which will be published Thursday. What it concerns is the fact that the House only worked 126 days this year and plans on working  113 days next year. The point of the article is if House members only work part time, they should be paid part time.

I believe you will find the column interesting.

The weather fantastic! Low 80s yesterday. The cool breeze off the ocean makes everything comfortable. It is a strong wind. At least 30 mph this morning.

I walked in the late morning yesterday. Parked the car at Square One. Headed toward the Atlantic. Went through the Southernmost Complex. Then the Reach. Followed the same path on the return trip. The walk took me through parking lots and garages, pool areas, and beaches. Excellent sight seeing. The water generally in my view.

Stayed in the rest of the day. Some reading, writing, and napping.

Permit me to share progress with regard to my book which will be published sometime this month. When I know the exact date, I will share it with you. The title is The World Upside Down.

The cover was finally agreed to by all concerned yesterday. I never realized how much time goes into a book cover. I like it. I hope you will. More so the book itself, of course. Parts of the book are still being edited.

We live and learn. Especially me. I refer to the following.

Tide is being stolen off store shelves in big numbers. Some stores to the extent of $10,000 to $15,000 a month. The stealing is across the United States. Why is Tide detergent all of a sudden in such big demand by thieves?

Tide is now a currency in the drug trade. It is used to purchase marijuana and cocaine. Interesting in itself. More interesting would be to know how the drug dealers turn the Tide into hard dollars.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Yes, but, but, but, our representatives do work extremely hard and put in such long days. Just ask them. They have to leave Washington so they can go home and talk with their constituents. Its very important work, just ask them.
    The story behind Tide [ liquid gold] is interesting. People can be pretty creative.

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