If you do not live in the Keys, it can be difficult to understand. When you have lived here several months and the temperature has been in the mid to high 80s, you are cold when it drops to 73. I am told it is because a person’s blood thins when they live in the sun so long.

The temperature is 73 degrees this morning. The high is anticipated at 81. It will remain cool, however. The front has strong winds. Thirty to sixty miles an hour.

I drove to Cudjoe Key yesterday. I have a friend who has a home there. She has been back in  Boston for a while. I wanted to make sure the house was still there, everything in good shape, etc. It was. Would I have been surprised were it not!

Cudjoe is only 20 miles up US 1. The trip was also an excuse to put the top down and get some sun.

Normally, I would have stopped on the way back at No Name Pub. The best Philly cheese steaks anywhere! Plus a side order of big fries covered with melted cheese.

Because of the diet, I did not. The temptation was great. Especially as I approached the intersection in Big Pine. I was a good boy, however.

Spent some time in the afternoon writing. I have three books going at one time. Two of them for a couple of years. A few days on this one, then I skip over to another. And so on.

This is Parrot Head weekend. They are scattered around the island. The greater number are  at the Casa Marina. Headquarters for their meeting. Day long events planned.

If it is your first time entering onto the Casa’s beach, it could be a cultural shock. All these adults running around with parrot hats on. Definitely different.

A band was playing. The Coral something Unplugged. Good music. I stayed a bit and listened. Watched the parrot heads moving around.

Not my cup of tea. I do not think I could ever be a parrot head. I am a Jimmy buffet fan. However, the head dress is too much!

I was home early. The diet controls. If I go out, inevitably I eat something wrong. The gin and roll the other night at the Marriott are examples. A little bit of the wrong food screws up my metabolism

Syracuse beat Wake Forest yesterday. 13-0. Syracuse had a great third quarter. Syracuse now 4-4.

The clock changed today. Always screws me up. All my life. I am like a little kid. I get confused…..ahead…..behind.

Enjoy your Sunday.



7 comments on “A COLD FRONT…..73 DEGREES

  1. The last I knew Cudjoe was between Key West and Big Pine, but, things change quickly in the keys.
    Time change ? Easy. You ‘spring’ forward and ‘fall’ back.
    The band was probably the Coral Reefer band.

  2. So why do you bother to change the clock. I use GMT. It’s funny when I tell folks that I get up at 0100 Zulu every day! It’s just a label.
    end quote

    I do to. It goes along with the job. Its interesting to try and explain that to some folks and the looks you get when you tell someone its XXXX ‘ Z ‘. As small as the world has become it only makes sense for everyone to use it.

  3. GMT ? As I type this it is now 16:11 GMT [ 11:16 EST]. The east coast of the US is +5 hrs EST/EDT to become GMT. Greenwich Mean Time[GMT] is the same as Universal Coordinated Time [UTC] is the same as Zulu Time [Z].

  4. Example for Key West Airport weather. Time of day example

    Report Text: KEYW 041753Z 06011G19KT 10SM CLR 28/17 A3001 RMK AO2 SLP162

    Time example
    04- day of month
    1753Z [ time of day] – 17:53Z – same as 17:53 GMT – equal to 12:53 EST

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