I received an education last night at the Chart Room. From an active US Marine. The Marine and team have been in Key West for a week training. They leave this morning.

The Marine was a career person. Served already once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. An officer.

I got Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia from a different perspective. A learned one. Bush 2 and Obama thrown in, also.

It appeared we do not understand what is going on world wide because we do not know all that is happening. Especially the driving forces/motivations behind decisions.

Education time last night was too short.

I left the Chart Room and walked over to Burger Fi. Very few people. Enjoyed a double cheeseburger and some fries.

Then drove to the Key West Pub. It was a little after 9. The Fabulous Spectrelles were supposed to have started their show at 8:30. I never got out of the car. I could see inside. Three people at the bar and no Spectrelles. It was home for me.

My day yesterday was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. Children Walking Into America. The 50,000 children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Houndrus who entered the Texas from Mexico this year.

Two major events this weekend in Key West.

My publisher Shirrel Rhoades has arranged a mystery writers event. Mystery Writers of Key West Fest. Today at the Double Tree. Work shops and talks. I am not a mystery writer. If I were, I would attend. This is the first such event and people have booked to attend from all over the United States.

PrideFest Weekend, also. Gay celebration time! Duval will be closed today in the area of 801 and Bourbon Street for a street festival. Tomorrow at 5, the parade. Always a big event! Especially the Gay Pride flag.

In recent days, we have been reading and hearing about the roughly 50,000 children crossing the border from Mexico to Texas. These children are not accompanied by adults. They are their own Pied Pipers. Their trips originated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Many in our country view immigrants unfavorably. Like criminals. This bunch are different. They are children. Only children. They should be viewed from a different perspective.

We must all keep in mind the words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty…..Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Enjoy your day!


The title should be read with the tune from Gene Kelley’s Dancing in the Rain in mind.

Yesterday was a rain day. Big time! Rain is forecast for the rest of the week. We are into the rainy season.

It is amazing how the weather changes so dramatically in the Keys. Storms come out of nowhere. As do cold fronts. If anyone had told me sunday that this would be a rain week, I would have laughed.

Merely for information purposes, the hurricane season started June 1.

Rain flooded the streets. As usual. I was wandering around downtown. Front Street was flooded. Only ankle deep. People were walking through the water shoes in hand.

I attended Ally’s graduation in the morning. Wearing a yellow slicker, hat and crocs. Rain attire.

Cute is the only way to describe the ceremony. They were 9 year olds. A bit uncomfortable. All proud. Ally was beautiful! Robert was there as a school elder I assume welcoming the graduates with a rose.

My blog talk radio show has been going smoothly the past several months. Audio perfect. No hitches. Not last night, however. When I went to sign in, I could not. Technical difficulties. I could not figure it out. I improvised. I ended doing the show over my cell phone. I did not even know if anyone could hear me. Apparently everyone did. Two e mails this morning said sound was ok No hiccups.

The Spectrelles are new to me, though old to Key West. I think they are terrific singers. They are appearing tonight at the Bull, tomorrow night at the Key West Pub, and friday night at La Te Da. Enjoy them, if you can.

Police raids across the country are getting out of hand, Too much modern equipment and too much aggressiveness.

Habersham County Sheriff Deputies were conducting a drug raid. The county is in Georgia. Middle of the night. No warrant required. Just bang on the door and rush in.

The Phonesavanh family were visiting. Mom, Dad and four little ones. One of the children was 19 month old Bou Bou. Bou Bou was sleeping in a play pen. When the deputies opened the door, one of them threw a flash bang grenade in. It landed in the play pen and went off in Bou Bou’s face.

The baby’s face is badly burned and swollen. A picture was exhibited on the internet. Bou Bou is in  a medically induced coma. Doctors give the child a 50 percent chance to survive.

No drugs were found. Later the next day, the son of the homeowners admitted to police that he was involved with drugs. Bou Bou’s family had nothing to do with the drugs and were leaving to return to Wisconsin the next morning.

All of Georgia is upset from the Governor down. Bou Bou needs our prayers.

Judges are getting cantankerous/out of hand, also. Such was evident in a Viera, Florida courtroom this week. Judge John Murphy got upset with defense counsel. He invited the attorney outside with the following words “…..let’s go out back and I’ll beat your ass.” Prior thereto, the Judge told the attorney to “…..stop pissing me off.”

They did go outside. The Judge hit the attorney.

The Judge is not working today. He is undergoing anger management counseling.

The events in the courtroom were recorded on a closed circuit camera.

I am back to the gym later this morning. Neck and thighs still hurt, though not as much. Will advise trainer before I start.

Enjoy your day!