No blog yesterday. I was not sick. Comcast was. No wi-fi or TV from 8 to 2:30. When Comcast returned, it was too late to do the blog. By the time I finished, it would have been at least 4. Many would have missed reading it.

A senior plague is falling. Do I know! Donna fell last night. Broke her left shoulder.

Donna was dining at Mangoes with Terri and friends. Stood up from the table. Took two steps and dropped. Appears she went straight down. Terri believes Donna passed out. Ended up with the fractured shoulder and a bloody nose.

Wednesday night was quiet. Dinner at Berlin’s and early to bed. Last night, quieter. Early to bed.

Things moving rapidly world wide. I want to share a few that may not have come to your attention.

The Koch Brothers. Richer than rich.  Part of the one percent.

It is reported the Koch Brothers spent $20 million supporting passage of the new tax law. A pittance compared to the $1 billion to $1.5 billion they will save in taxes alone.

A worthwhile investment.

The day after the House passed the tax bill in December, the Koch network made a $500,000 contribution to one of Speaker Ryan’s campaign accounts.

Another good investment.

There is a robot revolution. I have been talking about it for at least two years. Many are. Is Washington listening?

Robots and artificial intelligence are transforming the United States. Are we ready? Jobs are everything. The future is automated. Every job at risk.

I disagree with Trump when he says jobs are coming back. Companies, yes. Jobs not necessarily. Most large companies now situated in Europe that might return are automated. Rely big time on robots.

Our government does not seem to be doing enough, if anything, to prepare for the robotic way of production. There is neither discussion nor action.

Mubarak was a great Egyptian leader. Our friend. A friend of Israel. The U.S. deserted him when the revolution came. The new government jailed him.

The present Egyptian regime is authoritarian. On the verge of totalitarian. A recent experience may foretell what might occur in the United States.

Keep in mind Trump is authoritarian.

Egypt has a Presidential election in March. Don’t think because an election is scheduled that a country is democratic. Putin is facing one in Russia in a few months.

Egypt’s present President had his top opponent and thirty of his staff arrested tuesday. Some family members, also. Most jailed in unknown places.

Justification…..The arrests were part of Egypt’s wide ranging war on terrorism.

Most agree that Russia influenced the U.S.’s most recent Presidential election via the internet. The use of social media.

Our close friend Israel is now doing the same thing. Just as Russia did. Israel’s goal to flood the internet with comments favorable to candidates Israel would like to see elected. Israel’s purpose to promote desired content on social media and search engines, including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Netanyahu is becoming a despot. I have not looked favorably upon him since he came to the U.S. to speak to a joint session of Congress. Invited by the Republicans. Not invited by Obama. The custom having been to be invited for a visit by the U.S. President.

Presently, Netanyahu a friend of Trump. Trump recently recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the U.S. embassy would be moving there.

China drifting further and further away from the U.S.

China has become best friends with Russia. China has built and continues to build islands in the South China Seas. Islands where none existed before. To be used as military airfields. In the last six years, the number of Chinese Navy vessels has increased dramatically. New up to date war machines.

Now, China is working on creating a superhuman army. A top secret till recently.

During the last three years, 86 Chinese citizens underwent surgery to dramatically alter their genes. Chinese doctors selectively edited DNA cells in the patient bodies and replaced them with stronger genetics.

The U.S government is aware and concerned.

The Chinese have been involved in cloning. The Chinese recently announced two healthy monkeys “born” of cloning. Considered a step closer to cloning a human. Probable. Monkeys are primates. Primates include monkeys, apes, and humans.

Trump in Davos. Scheduled to speak today.

The African nations are upset with Trump’s recent “shithole countries” comment.

The word is the African nations will walk out when Trump speaks.

Trump met with the head of the African Union yesterday.  Their talk amiable. Trump did not apologize.

Whether a walk out occurs will be interesting.

Enjoy your day!

31 comments on “TRIP AROUND THE WORLD

  1. Louis quote: Most agree that Russia influenced the U.S.’s most recent Presidential election via the internet. The use of social media.

    This comment along with “Russia interfered in our election”, “Russia hacked our election”, etc, etc.

    Can someone (calmly and rationally please) explain what that means?
    Did Russia affect the vote of a registered U.S. citizen, who used free will to cast their ballot, did Russia change the way voting machines counted votes?, did Russia block registered U.S. citizens from voting at all?

    Just trying to understand what this rhetoric means and how it changed the outcome of the electoral college.

  2. Seems to me we’re still trying to figure that out (exactly), despite all the flack and roadblocks. It would of course have been with “registered U.S. citizens, because that is the only people who voted. Your words “block.” “citizen” and “free will” seems pejorative in your context. Is there another point to all of this comrade?

    • Like you, I guess Lou P. is also going to simply “move on” from his “hate speech” (according to the Huffing Post) comments on Tuesday. Figured as much.

    • The word Block is what is being used by some people in regards to the Russia issue.

      The words citizen and free will are used because, as you stated, only citizens, who use free will, are legally able to vote. No pejorative at all. No other point. I’m trying to understand what these comments mean regarding Russia influence in our election.

      Do you only troll this website? I know that Louis has no idea who you are.

      • Don’t twist my words Patrick, that’s NOT what I said and you’re not quite good enough to try and make that anything else (now, Patrick, this is a complicated sentence, you may want to reread it before any further attempt at being clever).

        Besides, if you are so offended by Lou’s words and my personal reaction to them, perhaps you should do something about it, apart from your VERY lame pseudo attack in the comments section of this, “Lou’s Blog.” Here is what I would suggest. Have some flyers printed up and hand them out at the next CPACK convention telling people how bad Lou’s blog is (by your kind of thinking, Huffington Post might even have said so, if they’d known) and that everyone should boycott his post (that’ll teach him). Then follow that advice yourself, so as not to look like the half baked hyprocrypt you seem to be trying so hard to be. Understand however, that Peter King, the NY congressman who actually said that on television and unlike Lou, in a pointed derogatory way, will be there and might slap you for bringing it up.

  3. Twitter did say it wasn’t aware of “any specific state-sponsored attempts to interfere in any American elections in 2017, including the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections.”

    Facebook Says It Found an ‘Insignificant’ Overlap Between Russia Ads and President Trump’s Campaign


    However, The Hillary campaign paid for the fake “dirty dossier” with Russian involvement, fed it to her buddies in the FBI so they could issue a FISA warrant and then eavesdropped on the Trump campaign. So the Russian collusion is real. Real bad news for Hillary and her cohorts in the FBI and DOJ.

  4. Comrade patrick – you and your phony alias army are so full of yourself with your transparent and infantile attempts to “influence” me or any one of Lou’s grown up readers. Are you so hard up with reality that this audience is your life’s work?

    • Home Depot Inc. is the latest corporation to reward its employees with a one-time bonus or added benefits thanks to the $1.25 trillion TRUMP U.S. tax bill that was passed late last year.

      Home Depot’s hourly employees in the U.S. will receive up to $1,000 in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017. Home Depot said the bonuses, in addition to a net tax expense of about $150 million!


  5. This just in: FedEx announced wage increases, employee bonuses and pension funding on Friday, citing the new Republican-backed tax-reform plan.

    The company announced that two-thirds of $200 million in increased compensation will go to hourly employees, while the remainder will be put toward performance-based incentive plans for salaried employees.

    FedEx also said $1.5 billion will be put toward the company’s pension plan and another $1.5 billion would go toward expanding the company’s hub in Indianapolis.

    “FedEx believes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will likely increase GDP and investment in the United States,” the company said on its website.

    Wow! The hits keep on coming!

    Congratulations workers of America! Our time has finally come!!!!

    God bless Donald Trump!


  6. I enjoy the fact that little mickey is infatuated with the idea that I’m doing all the typing using others names. He is as crazy as a loon.

    Of the 1600 people at Davos I didn’t see or hear of one leaving like many said they were going to do. Its kinda like those that said they would leave the country if their darling hillary lost. And just how many did leave. Where did they say they would move to, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden. Why not one to Mexico, South America, Mid-Africa, middle East.

  7. Can you be more specific Comrade? Are you referencing the Bush Years?

    #GNPL = gloat now, Pay later

  8. Please, I’m beginning to feel bad about this. Can one of you libtards out there attempt to help this Michael guy out? This is just too damn easy.

    • No need to be gratuitous towards me Comrade, I’m fine. Your constant slippery, changing dialog only gives me something to do. You haven’t changed since you were a kid, Patrick, still a putz. Do please answer just this – Why?

      • Why? Well, its elementary. Our organization has a directive from the highest levels in the Kremlin to influence the Key West mayoral race. Once we get Key West, we can take the whole of Monroe County.

        • Comrade – remarkable candor rather refreshing and exactly how absurd it looks in its most basic sense. Precisely my point – trying to influence what again? The Kremlin must be saying something like, “what are we paying this guy? Especially funny that you don’t see the joke on you as you reinforce the gag. Don’t bother to try and understand, you obviously don’t get it.

    • Almost a word for word “Patrick” labeled reply from a few days ago. Copy Cat mistake or just a dementia slip Patrick? Can’t hide from a lie, sloppy!

  9. michael on January 26, 2018 at 5:51 pm said:
    hey BIG patty – everybody knows about your Alias Army of inept intellect and oversized self importance. And call me what you like, you look even more foolish doing so.
    end quote

    The only one thinking about alias armies is you. With you responding in the like just shows what a sucker you are. I get a chuckle and you’re now the only reason I’m here. i like the comic relief.

    • Patrick,

      Boy you really did a number on this “Michael”. Did you pick on him/her in grade school? The delusion/obsession with you is comical to watch.

      As I stated above, Louis does not even know who this character is, not sure why he/she is trolling this blog.

  10. Keep it coming Comrade, you just keep digging your grave a little deeper each time denied. Everybody knows and you can’t hide from that.

  11. Yep, I’m thinking louis is getting fed up with this.

    No, I didn’t pick on him until now and thats only in response to his stupidity.

  12. Hughes is probably going to win. He’s all chummy with Mayor Cates and has raised more money already than any of the other 5 candidates.

    Besides as Mitch Jones knows, its pretty hard to “run” in high heels. haha. I’m sure he’ll get KW Lou’s vote though.

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