1. “He was left behind when the last Japs left the island.”

    Just to let you know Lou, I do understand you are from a different generation, but “Japs” is a derogatory term.

    • In fact, according to the Huffington Post “‘Jap’ Is Beyond Political Incorrectness — It Is Hate Speech”

      source: huffingtonpost.com/priscilla-ouchida/peter-king-jap-hate-speech_b_9995156.html

  2. Due to the TRUMP tax cuts, Verizon just announced it will bonus out about $380 Million; giving roughly $2,600 in stock bonuses to about 150,000 employees… Excluding 2,500 or so senior executives!

    Also, Disney announced (because of the tax relief as well) that they will be giving a $1,000 cash bonus to 125,000 employees. But wait, it gets better… Disney will provide $50,000,000 in funds to pay school tuition for hourly employees! Now that’s a great bonus!

    In other tax relief news, Starbucks will bonus out $150,000,000, giving $500 in bonuses to baristas, and $2,000 to store managers. And this gets better too… Starbucks part time employees will now receive 5 paid personal/sick days! That’s a whole paid week off!

    And thanks to our wonderful capitalist society, consumers have the choice to leave Bank of America and their checking account fees for greener pastures. In case you’re interested, here’s a list of banks that have amazing checking account features:



    • Comrade Patrick – I haven’t seen you this happy about the American economy since those early G.W.Bush years. How’d that turn out?


      #GTADPTFTA = (gonna take a Democrat President to fix things again)

      #HAYGYOB = (How about you get your own blog – to spread your unappreciated non topic agenda)

  3. Patrick,

    Did you recently get divorced? This “Michael” seems to be mentally deranged over you. It’s a lot like the Trump derangement of the MSM right now.

    It is actually quite amusing to watch.

    You should get together with Lou and really do a number on her.

  4. Patrick likes to troll this blog (it’s not actually HIS blog) using any number of pseudo names, sometimes answering his own questions, sometimes misspelling the same words, sometimes congratulating each other. He denies this, but those that matter know what’s going on. Mostly inaccurate stuff and mostly parallelling the Russian meme of the day. Some people say he’s a russian operative himself. I think he’s more like just clueless as to how he’s being manipulated. I think he actually gets off on the idea of irritating other people by dropping his off topic bombs rather than any kind of coherent discussions. Sad really.

    • To stay on topic Michael, what do you think of Lou’s use of “Japs”? in his blog post? Do you think he should apologize for its use and edit it out of the post, or simply ignore it and move on?

      • I believe that is entirely Lou’s decision. This is his blog and he pretty much gets to say what he chooses. If I was offended it would be my choice to comment or to move on (as is/was yours). Frankly I have bigger things to “clutch my pearls over” than this. It is not as though he was president of the united states, or something!

  5. ‘Michael’ is definitely deranged and I’m not concerned about why. I’ve not considered the thought about ‘him’ being ‘her’, but, its a possibility. I’m thinking that may be a stage name at 801.
    Since he/she thinks he/she has this all figured out I must be getting close to spending some time in a Siberian gulag. He/she is quite a draw for the comedic value.

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