Remember back several years ago when the recession began. The banks were primarily at fault. They were even in danger of going under. The U.S. government bailed them out with our tax dollars.

The American public was told that the banks were too big to fail.

Interestingly, to date not one bank official has been indicted for wrongdoing during that period.

HSBC is a world wide British bank. Many HSBC banks are located in the United States. There was a report this week of a money laundering scheme involving HSBC. Amongst other things, drug cartel monies from Mexico and Columbia were laundered through its U.S. banks. $200 trillion worth of money.

The Attorney General negotiated a deal with HSBC whereby the bank admitted its wrongdoing and paid a $1.9 billion fine. The $1.9 billion represented one month’s profit from the money laundering to the bank. The Attorney General took the position that the bank had cooperated in the investigation and that the investigation was too broad and complex for criminal charges to be brought. In other words, the bank was too big to prosecute.

A topic I will be discussing on my TV/internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning my time. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 for television viewing through Miami-Dade County. World wide on the internet.

Join me, if you can. You will enjoy.

Yesterday began with a haircut with Lori. It was cold walking from the parking lot to her shop. Key West is suffering another cold front.

Then quickly to Lisa’s. I was babysitting. Robert and Ally were off from school.

I spent a bit of time bonding with Jake. A cute, quiet, small terrier. He gets along with the grandkids. They love him. Especially Ally. Lisa is like a mother to Jake. One happy family!

Jake never barks. Or so I thought. Ally had him outside on the leash so he could go. In the front yard. The property is fenced. A large dog walked by. Jake went crazy. Barked big time and loud! Strained on the leash. Ally had all she  could do to hold him.

Apparently Jake is territorial. If another reason exists, let me know.

Robert and Ally wanted to lunch at I-HOP. It has been a while since we were there. We enjoyed a long talkative time. Robert at times seems profound. Ally talks of silly things. Poppa sat back and enjoyed.

Then it was back to Lisa’s. Ally took Jake out of the cage and immediately walked him for potty purposes. That is when the situation earlier described occurred.

I was behind in preparation for this morning’s show. I worked the balance of the afternoon and into last night getting ready. Never made it to bocce. Called Captain David and told him the team would have to win without me.

Syracuse and Georgetown this evening. The third time in a month. Seven o’clock. Madison Square Garden. The quarter finals of the Big East Tournament. A Syracuse victory would be nice. It is definitely needed to help Syracuse’s seeding in the Big Tournament beginning next week.

Must move on. Need to shower and get to the TV studio for this morning’s show.

Enjoy your day!



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