The day has arrived! St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrated throughout the USA.

In most communities, it is a one day event. Not in Key West. Forty eight hours! All day Saturday and all day Sunday.

I took a walk down Duval in mid afternoon yesterday. Everything and everyone green! Even some dogs! Everyone happy! Doing the Duval Crawl.

Syracuse basketball has been a strain on my heart this season. For real. So many ups and downs. Never consistent.

Last night was the Big East championship game. Against Louisville. Syracuse had a 16 point lead. Syracuse lost by 17 points. What a turn around!

The final score was 78-61.

Syracuse’s dynamite offense crumbled before Georgetown’s zone defense and Louisville’s full court press.

The seeds for the big tournament will be announced tonight. I suspect Syracuse will be a #5 seed. Maybe a #4. Louisville will be a #1 seed definitely!

Sloan and I worked together in the late morning. She showed me last month’s stats for this blog. It was viewed in 49 countries. The largest number yet. It is heavily read in the United States and Canada. Panama, Finland and Malaysia reflected a significant increase in readers.

Thank you one and all.

My evening started at Don’s Place. Chatted with Don and David. Hershel and Erika there, also. They were both wearing large straw hats and green all over. They were in fine humor. They had just completed the Duval Crawl.

Next the Chart Room. JJ, Sheila and Che. Sat next to Sheila. Had a long talk with her. A lovely person inside and out. After Sheila left, Che and I chatted.

A police officer from Valley Forge, Pa. was sitting next to us. He is a 2-3 time a year visitor to Key West. He was waiting for his wife who was in their room in the Pier House getting ready for their second Duval Crawl of the day. God bless them!

Made it to the Big Ten Sports Pub for the 8:30 start of the Syracuse/Louisville game. Syracuse looked terrific in the first half. Then it was over. Decimated in the second half.

While I was watching the game, Che showed up. His first time in the Sports Pub, I believe. He came to watch the game with me.

My on the road time yesterday started at 4:30 in the afternoon. I did not return home till  just after midnight. A long time for me. I was tired!

Enjoy your day!


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