I am not technologically adept. A generational thing.

During my Holly wood trip, I purchased a computer monitor. Thirty two inch screen! A few days before in Key West, a new keyboard. All put together on 11/24. My guru TV person Tim Reynolds working with me from Tampa. He hooks up and can operate my computer from Tampa.

I have noticed minor problems the past two days. Need Sloan to correct. She will be here Wednesday.

A major problem today. It may have encumbered your ability to read this blog on Facebook.

I have two Facebook accounts. Key West Lou and Louis Petrone. The blog is supposed to come up on Key West Lou when I direct it from WordPress. The past two days, it has shown on Louis Petrone instead.

Sloan told me on the phone how to temporarily correct it. I hope it works this morning. Whatever, everything will be fine by Wednesday evening.

There is nothing for you to do at your end. I have to perform at mine.

If I fail and it does not come up for you, merely enter

An excellent weekend food wise. Important because I start a major diet tomorrow.

Dinner Friday night with Barbara at Berlin’s. Sean and Gage bartending. The wonderful Bria singing.

I continue to live and learn. A conversation at the bar involved hurricanes. Turkey vultures have returned to Key West. All over our skies. Someone mentioned that the return of the turkey vultures is an indication the hurricane season is over.

I hope so. We have had a few post hurricane season storms over the years.

Thanksgiving dinner last night at Donna and Terri’s. My second Thanksgiving dinner in as few days. I need the diet!

Donna is a superior cook. The meal magnificent! The company as good.

George and Art joined the festive occasion. Their business strange. They make what they describe as self sculptured art. Stuffed animals. Bears, dogs, octopuses, etc. Anywhere from 6 inches to 26.

Not cheap. A world-wide market. George just returned from a sales trip to Beijing and Taipei. He described their product as having a niche market.

Considered one of the best if not the best movies ever is Casablanca. Starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. A touching weepy love story.

Casablanca premiered in New York City this date 1942.

My recently published book Irma and Me mentions a day at the Thornton’s in Birmingham when my other evacuees and I watched Casablanca.

I was stunned. The women all cried throughout. Two knew the lines perfectly and said them at  appropriate moments.

Definitely a woman’s picture. I have seen it many times. Enjoyed. Never cried.

December 7, 1941 a despicable day. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

On this day in 1941, the Japanese aircraft carrier strike force left Japan for Pearl Harbor. A 12 day trip to Pearl Harbor. Too bad no cyclone/hurricane arose during the trip.

Another live and learn item. One which took too many years to become evident.

MIT released the results of a recent study. Electric cars are not green. Pollute more than petrol and diesel cars. The reason being that a majority of the energy which charges the batteries of electric cars comes from national grids. Many grids use fossil fuels such as gas and coal. All at an environmental cost.

A similar study was released last year in Norway. The study did not receive as much attention as I assume the MIT one will.

Donald, oh Donald. I know not where you come up with things.

Yesterday, Trump announced that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was bad for the banks: “Financial institutions have been devastated.”

So wrong. The Consumer Bureau works to reign the banks in from wrong doing. They oversee such things as mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, and student loans.

Never forget banks are whores. They gave us the 2oo8 recession. Millions lost their homes because of devious and improper mortgage dealings.

Most recently, a major bank such as Wells Fargo devised another illegal approach to increasing profits.

In each event, the banks paid huge fines. Nothing compared to the money the banks made far in excess of the fines paid.

Since 2008, I have been consistent in saying send the CEO’s of these banks to jail. It will only take a few incarcerations to stop the improprieties. There is a problem, however. Our government refrains from arresting and charging any higher-ups.

The failure to arrest/jail will continue under Trump. One way will be to do away with the Consumer Bureau that oversees the banks.

My recent book Irma and Me is available. The story of how Irma chased me through several States. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and KoboBooks.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Its been known for a very long time that electric vehicles are not ‘green’. Same goes for other ‘green’ forms of energy. But there has been an agenda that had to be pushed by some.

  2. No car can be rekally be called “Green” but some cars can be referred to as greener than others. Hybrid cars are often though of to, or implied as, electrics, but they are actually harvesting energy, not getting anything from any grid. Fully electric cars (plug in energy from the grid) are not as green as they seem, because there ‘energy’ sources are often not very green at all. However these sources themselves are getting greener (less fossil fuels, solar, etc) making them greener and greener. ANY effort to reduce automobile polution is a green improvement and a worthy agenda. Any effort, implied or otherwise, to impede or impune this effort is a n unworthy and foolish agenda, almost always coming from consertive sources, for reasons unknown to intelligent humanity.

  3. Michael,
    Let’s follow your logic here
    Any EFFORT to reduce auto pollution is worthy so if anyone – regardless of political leaning-
    Attempts to reduce pollution- even if it increases pollution- it is worthy and anyone who is questions that effort is foolish ??
    What hogwash
    While efforts are needed- it is RESULTS that make the difference

  4. keywestlou on November 28, 2017 at 8:43 am said:
    Well put.
    end quote

    ???? Not really.
    Electric and Hybrids are two different animals.

    The whole green/reduce pollution thing is fine as long as the rest of the world is just as involved as this country. Thats not the present case. But, science and not politics needs to be front and center. Hydrogen and natural gas are the best fuels at the moment or near future.
    Just look into some of the fuels or green energy used now and how they came to be, its easy to start with ethanol laced gasoline.

    • But the rest of the world HAS been on board for decades. Much smalller cars and engines a fraction the size of ours, smaller tires’ etc., etc. I have read that the polution from automobiles in North America is somewhere about five times that of the entire rest of the world combined. And I would sugggest that politics, at least in this country, trumps science. So no, politics needs to be in the forefront of tiny effort to reduce pollution.

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