The Muslims hate us. They have since the Middle Ages. Blame a whacked out Pope by the name of Urban II.

Urban decided in 1095 that Christians should retake the Holy City. Jerusalem. Jerusalem lie well within the Middle East. Under Islamic control.

At the Council of Claremont on November 27, 1095, Urban ordered the First Crusade. He called on Christians to war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land.

He cried out, “Deus vult!” “God wills it!”

Turned into a 200 year war. The Muslims lost. They have never forgotten. Urban and his God wills it! is a significant contributing factor to today’s Islamic dislike for the West.

They never forgot! They do not forget!

A new generation of Muslims is taking control in the Arab world. They continue to believe the West is putting upon them. They are aware they must join together. Not only to oppose the West should it become necessary, but also to counter terrorism and extremism which is befalling the Arab world.

The recent killing of more than 300 Muslims recently in Egypt an example.

Two years ago, the Arab world created the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition. Saudi Arabia a leader in the movement. The Islamic group is to terrorism and extremism as NATO is to the Allied nations which was formed to combat Communism/Russia.

A danger exists in that the Arab coalition could be used against the U.S. and other western nations.

Irma’s impact will be felt for years. A matter of immediate importance is how to dispose of the tons of landscaping debris. Most of it sits on the Toppino property on Rockland Key.

Any disposal plan includes Key West’s debris.

Two locations under consideration. The Key West City Commission to make the final decision.

One is Cudjoe Key. A beautiful residential key. Hard hit by Irma. One of the hardest hit. Part of my friend Dee’s large concrete house ended up in the canal. The other the U.S. Navy Facility at Boca Chica.

Either place, the debris will be disposed of by burning.

Cudjoe appears favored by the Commission at the moment. Cudjoe residents are up in arms. Can’t blame them. They have suffered enough already. Not the place for big time smoke to be covering their homes.

Another Key West problem coming to a head involves the height of residential housing. Twenty five feet has been the height for years.

A piece of City owned land is available on College Road on Stock Island. A group is arguing for a new permissible height. Forty feet.

Probably developers.

I for one want my community to remain low re a height limit. Key West should always remain at the lower level. Key West citizens like the height level as it is. We are a small town and should reflect the fact.

The Bubba system is at work. Forty feet today. Sixty feet tomorrow. Then high rise condominiums and hotels.

Typical of the City Commission, the issue has been left to the voters. The decision to be made at Key West’s March 13, 2018 elections.

The Commission does not like handling hot issues. Pass the buck for decision.

I wish we could do with the Commission as we should with Congress. Vote them all out at one time.

Sponging once was big business in Key West. Began in the 1820’s. At its peak employed 1,200 workers and 350 boats. The boats known as hook boats.

The first sponge dock was on the water between what is the Conch Republic and A&B Lobster House today.

Over sponging and a deadly sponge fungus killed the business. Almost immediately the two came together to destroy the industry.

Tarpon Springs replaced Key West as the sponging capital of the United States.

I have not mentioned bocce in a while. I no longer play because of my heart.

My team Don’s Place is presently tied for fifth place. Fourteen teams play in their league. The team may not be fighting for first place as it has in some years. It should make the playoffs, however.

Syracuse and Maryland meet tonight in basketball at 7. ESPN2. Syracuse 5-0, Maryland 6-1.

Maryland will be the first major team Syracuse meets this season. Maryland has already played two major teams. I do no not know who is favored.

My friend Marty Leshaw chastised me for not visiting him when I had my heart cath last week in Hollywood. Marty lives in Fort Lauderdale.

I mentioned I had stone crabs at Billy’s Stone Crabs the night before the procedure. Marty shared some local history with me.

Bill from Billy’s married Joe’s daughter. Joe being the proprietor of Joe’s Stone Crabs in Miami. Both restaurants run in a similar fashion, though separately owned. Son in law Bill supplies the crabs to Joe’s.

Bali is the home to the Mount Agung volcano. Appears ready to erupt. Smoke and ash for a week. Over 5 miles in height. Lava expected soon.

The evacuation order has been issued. Get out! No screwing around. This is for real and dangerous.

One hundred thousand people need to leave. How becomes the question. The airport closes and opens depending on wind driven smoke and ash. The airport being close to the volcano.

Seventeen thousand of those to evacuate are Chinese. Tourists. The Chinese government is concerned. China has arranged for 100 buses to take the Chinese tourists to a ferry boat evacuation point. From there to be put on ferry boats and transported to nearby Java.

I mention the Bali situation to key note China’s concern. The Chinese tourists are their people. They are concerned for them. My sense is by renting the buses and arranging for the ferry boats China has gone that extra step to protect its own.

What would the U.S. of today do under similar circumstances?

My local heart doctor at 12:30.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Lou, do you know any Muslims? I’ve worked, taught and been befriended by Muslims for most of my life. “They” don’t hate us any more than westerners hate Muslims. There are aspects of western civilization that many Muslims find unattractive and immoral, just the same way we see some aspects of theirs. There again we are divided internally. Just look at how “California Culture” is demonized by the right wing.

    It’s neither helpful nor kind to label all Muslims as haters. Do the owners of many of our corner shops hate us? What about the wait-staff at our restaurants?

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