My friday morning TV/internet show takes quite a bit of time to put together. Some time is devoted to preparation each day. Then the Wednesday or thursday before, several hours.

I enjoy the research. I enjoy putting the show together. I enjoy doing the show.

However problems arise which can be frustrating.

I was 4 minutes into the show yesterday. All of a sudden Jenna burst into the studio. You’re not on….. something’s wrong, she exclaimed.

I sat and waited. Four minutes later Krystal said everything was ok and start the show anew. Which I did.

It was a good show. Many interesting topics. Especially Berlusconi’s wednesday exploits. He knocked Germany’s Merkel. Publically told the whole world she had a “…fat ass” and would probably be a poor sex partner. He did not state the last part as delicately as I have.

The next thing I learn is that a Naples court has issued bench charges against Berlusconi for allegedly paying a 50,000 euro bribe to a politician from another party.

And you thought American politics was rough!

Anyhow…..I do not know if anyone could understand yesterday’s show. I have been told by some who tried to listen that my voice was coming over in a loud screech. So much for the technical difficulty having been resolved.

I apologize. Hopefully it will not happen again.

Key West weather sucks today. It did last night, also. It will till tuesday. It is cold!!! Sixty two degrees at the moment. Longs pants days. Sweater or a sweat shirt underneath a jacket.

Almost like being up north!

Not really.

After my failed show yesterday, I visited Lisa. It was time for another father/daughter talk. We seem to be having many lately.

Last night the Chart Room and Wine Galley.

Chart Room packed with tourists. To cold to be out on the street. I sat at the end of the bar. First talked with Don from Cleveland, then Peter and Don, then Peter alone, then new friend Lynn, then Lynn and Ollie. In between I exchanged a few words with the lovely Emily.

I was hungry. Walked over to the Wine Galley. Had a light meal and enjoyed Larry Smith’s singing. Larry undoubtedly a Key West talent.

Today, Syracuse basketball once again. For sure. Syracuse and Louisville go at it at noon. I am going to watch the game from the comfort and warmth of my bed.

Enjoy your day!

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