TAX BICYCLES? is the title of this week’s KONK Life column. An interesting subject. Taxes have been imposed in some communities already. The article will be especially interesting to Key West readers since Key West is a bicycling town.

The column is researched. I will write it later this afternoon and this evening.

My computer is fixed, but not in my hands. I will be picking it up after I finish this blog. I am presently at Lisa’s.

My yesterday started with the TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. A multitude of sins were covered. The topic that seems to have garnered the most interest was the story of the Dallas VA Hospital that would not let local fourth graders deliver hand made Christmas cards to patients. The administrator said no Christmas cards containing Merry Christmas or God Bless You were permitted.

The administrator relied on a VA Handbook that established the rule. Some idiot in Washington apparently came up with what might be perceived as a political correctness item. I do not blame the administrator. I blame whoever in Washington came up with the idea. I wonder what the impact was on the fourth graders, what they thought, how the rejection was explained to them.

Then to Lisa’s to do yesterday’s blog.

I followed the blog up with an hour well spent at the Plantation Coffee House. Got to visit with Diane, enjoy a bagel, and read the morning newspapers.

I went to Don’s Place just before 6 last night to watch the Syracuse/Minnesota bowl game. Don advised that a group was going to Benihana at 8 for dinner. Would I join them? Of course.

I got to watch the first half of the football game. Syracuse was winning 7-0. I never got to watch the game further. While I was eating, someone passed by mentioning that Syracuse was down 3 points with 3 minutes to go.

I checked the game result  when I returned home. Syracuse won 21-17. Locked the win in with 1.5 minutes to go.

More Syracuse this afternoon. Syracuse/Villanova basketball at 2 on CBS. Should be a great game. Both teams undefeated. Syracuse ranked #2 and Villanova #8 nationally.

Dinner at Benihana was a lot of fun. There were 8 of us. Don, David, Keith, Jennifer, Clara, Hershel, Erika,and me. Stan was working.

Russ was at Don’s Place. I had not seen him in many months. He is now chef at Blue Heaven. We spoke of Big East basketball. We both agreed it was a shame Syracuse had left the league. Russ is a St. John’s fan.

A crowd at Don’s. Besides those already mentioned, Toni, Michael, Jeff, and Grant.

I go now to Tim Reynold’s to get my computer.

Enjoy your day


3 comments on “TAX BICYCLES?

  1. I enjoyed having the opportunity to see Syracuse “up close and in person” on the Reliant Stadium field last night as the TV Timeout Coordinator for ESPN. Fun game in Houston, wish you could have been there! Headed to San Antonio tomorrow to perform the same task for the Alamo Bowl on Monday night.

    Cindy and I are looking forward to July 1st for our return to Key West and certainly hope you’ll be in the area this year!

    Take care and have a great start to 2014!

    Billy Schott

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