Syracuse, my Syracuse! What a basketball game yesterday! Syracuse beat Villanova 78-62.

Both teams undefeated prior to the game. Syracuse ranked #2 and Villanova #8.

The game was a marvel! Villanova took an early lead. Syracuse was down 25-7. I thought…..oh, shit! Then Syracuse went on a 20-0 run and took the lead 27-25. Syracuse finally won by 18 points.

THIS is a good team! To come back from the pit of defeat and destroy the other team. Syracuse won by making shots from everywhere on the court. Outside, inside and from the foul line area. Syracuse’s defense was excellent once the team got beyond the 25-7 beginning.

It is the start. Teams are not even into league play yet. But after yesterday, the ACC teams better watch out. Syracuse is coming to town!

My yesterday began with a visit to Lisa to use her computer to do the blog. Afterwards, I went over to pick up my now virus free computer from Tim Reynolds. Fear not, the virus was not such that it affected any of your computers.

Did the Chart Room last night. JJ bartending. A gentleman.

Ted was there. I first met him two years ago. He is from upstate New York. Madison County to be exact. A neighbor of Oneida County  from whence I came.

Ted is a lawyer. He is Clerk to Judge DeStefano. The court sits in Wampsville. Many the case I tried there. The court room was unique. Circular. The judges excellent. My contemporaries have long since retired.

Ted comes down for about a week every year. We talked of the judges, past and present, the court room. Syracuse basketball and football, my book The World Upside down, and whatever.

Sean and Katherine came in. Sean joined Ted and I.

While at the Chart Room, four tourists came in looking for anything about Mel Fischer. The bar blew them out.

I had a craving for wings. Kelley’s wings. I walked over by way of Duval. Key West was packed. Every bar, every restaurant I went by was jammed full of people. Some standing waiting to be seated. Kelley’s was the same way. I have never seen so many people at Kelley’s. I had to sit at the inside bar.

On the way back to get my car, I stopped at Grunts. Packed inside and out!

The cash registers were ringing big time last night. Come January 2, they will be silent for about three weeks. That is the way it goes.

I am not going to do my blog talk radio show Tuesday evening at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. It is New Years Eve. I doubt anyone would be listening. I may be out and about, also.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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