Ted Turner’s Classic Movies did several hours of Frank Sinatra yesterday starting in the very early morning. Sinatra’s early movies. From 1943-1948. Movies I had never seen. Sinatra a very young man. Thin. Emaciated a better description. Bow tie. The talent obvious. He could sing, dance and act.

Frank Sinatra made it big  when he appeared at the Paramount Theater on Broadway in 1942. I saw him.

We were visiting relatives in the Bronx. My father took me on the subway downtown. I was 7. My Dad 28. He took me to see Sinatra. Actually, I have to assume he wanted to see Sinatra. What did I know at 7!

I have a clear recollection of watching Sinatra sing. People went crazy. Especially the women. My father enjoyed himself tremendously.

Paramount…..An important moment in Sinatra history.

Hogfish last night. Again a good time!

Sat at the bar. Thought it was fisherman to my left. No, a roofer. They look alike. Tanned leathered faces from working in the glaring sun every day.

His name Dave. I enjoyed his company. He wanted me to shoot a game of pool with him. Not for money. I begged off.

On my right was a lovely young lady. She said, I know you. Turned out to be Brooke. Brooke has waitressed around town several years. Places like The Piano. Now at Hogsbreath.

Several seats away was Nancy. Met her for the first time. Told me she lived on the 7th hole. Told her I left a lot of golf balls in her yard. She did not live on the golf course. She lives on a boat called the 7th hole.

Nancy wanted to play pool with me, also. I begged off again. I watched her play. She was good!

Lenna the bartender. A very lovely young lady. They are all lovely. First time we met. Business was slow. We got to chat a bit.

Fish and chips. The hogfish delicious.

I am obviously on Medicare. Love it! God bless America! However a supplement is required. Otherwise, you get stuck for 20 percent of drug and medical bills.

My supplement plans are with United Healthcare. Both had to be renewed this month. I renew for a year and pay the full premium up front. I do so because I fear I might forget to pay a monthly premium and get stuck paying . Could be a disaster if a major medical problem strikes.

Talking with the United Healthcare people is like trying to talk with Comcast. I did the drug portion last week. Different companies so the pain of renewal had to be experienced two times.

I decided to renew the medical portion yesterday. I got smart. I called in at 7 when they start working. Got someone immediately. The person understood what I wanted to do and my method of payment. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes. The first time!

Decided to lunch out. The Cuban Coffee Queen. Too many people. Walked around the corner to DJ’s Clam Shack. Had never been there before. They advertise a Maine lobster roll. Not my day. Packed. People eating standing up.

The outside bar at Mangoes across the street was empty. I have not eaten at Mangoes in at least a dozen years. Always a good meal. I just drifted away.

I had a shrimp po boy sandwich. Wow! Delicious! Too big! I could not finish.

A Broadway musical is in the works re Jimmy Buffet. Presently in the development stage. Working towards a 2017 opening. Has to be a winner!

KONK E-Blast this morning is carrying this week’s KONK Life column. The President Could Not Spell. Also at 12:30 pm KONK News will be interviewing me re the column on radio 104.9.

Ed Swift follows me at 12:45. His topic, affordable housing. He knows everything about the problem. The community thus far has failed to listen to him. A mistake.

Dinner with Jenna tonight.

Enjoy your day!





One of the best shows ever produced in Key West was Broadway 3 Ways. It ran for several years at La Te Da. Fun! Enjoyable! Worth the admission price.

Mark Watson is running for Fantasy Fest King. My candidate! A fundraiser is being held tonight at Aqua. From 6 to 8:30. Members of the La Te Da show are returning to help Mark. The Broadway 3 Ways Show tonight at Aqua. A $15 donation. Well worth the price of admission.

Mark was one of the stars of Broadway 3 Ways. Others stars appearing are Randy Thompson, Bruce Moore, and Bobby Nesbitt.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. My first thursday.

Then a haircut. Followed by an afternoon reading and napping. It’s a good life!

Last night, bocce.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Quite a while since we lost one. Our record now 15-3.

It hurt to lose. Any other time, 2 out of 3 would be a good night. However, this season we are near the top. Instead of fighting for a 4th or 5th position to make the playoffs, we are battling to come in 1st.

We won the first 2 games handily. The last was a long hard haul. We were losing 8-1. Then 14-6. Then, we rallied. Score was 14-14. We lost 16-14.

The team played well. We were not up to our usual ability, however.

I will be guesting on the KONK Life News Hour today. 12:10 to 12:20. Give a listen. I will be questioned regarding my KONK column this week re Pope Francis.

Enjoy your day!