I joined the Sons and Daughters of Italy last year. Actually, a reinstatement. I had been a member years earlier in Utica.

Glad I did! The Key West group are at the top of the fun list. Everyone friendly. Typical Key west, but more so.

The summer is dead. Why not have a party! And so it was last night. A bocce party.

A good crowd. Most had never held a bocce ball before. All anxious to learn. Prior to actually playing, dinner. Pizza, beer, wine and soda.

I did not play. Probably never will again. Amazing! I had to retire from bocce in my old age.

I participated. Sat with players and made suggestions, gave advice. Quietly and non offensively.

Allan Wimer. Loquacious, charming, humorous, considerate, a gentleman. The worst thing he could be accused off is that he left Key West. Transplanted himself to Naples.

Wimer a Facebook aficionado, also. We are FB friends. Came across an Amazing Stuff video he reran: If methadone is free to addicts because they have a disease…..Why is chemo not free for cancer patients?

Allan one smart man!

Some of us forget. Some of us are not even aware. There were times when certain diseases were horrendous. Killed or debilitated many yearly. Cures discovered. The diseases plagued us no more.

In days long gone by, Key West had its share of such diseases. The Key West Citizen in its Today in Key West History section made note of some over the past two days.

On July 16, 1887, the Marine Hospital reported 282 cases of yellow fever. Sixty three resulting in death.

A year later on July 16, 1898, the Army hospital reported a U.S. Army private had died of tuberculosis.

Finally on this day in 1954, 35 cases of polio had been reported for the year to date.

God bless medical research!

As one gets older, time remaining occasionally enter’s one’s thoughts. I know being 82.

Clive Cussler commented on the time issue in The Solomon Curse…..Time is a thief. It steals our memory, our hopes, and our strength, leaving only the sense there’s never enough of it.

The June 2016 meeting involving Donald Trump, Jr. The number in the room is now 8. Amazing how it grows almost day by day.

Truth a winner. A lack of it most always a guarantee of losing.

Again I revert to the saying of old…..Woe the web we weave when first we seek to deceive.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Bocce parties are like bowling banquets. Only less formal and more fun.

Last night was our small five team competitive group’s get together. Always an enjoyable evening.

The thought occurred last night that I have known many at the party for years. Some as many as 15 years. We are the same kids today that we were back then. As far as bocce is concerned, none of us grew up. Perpetual youth.

Awards were given. Larry Smith’s team came in first. Clare got the best cheerleader/most improved award. Don the screw up award for a shot that lost our team first place in the 5 team group and #2 in the thursday night league.

David played his part last night. Excellent as usual.

I sat with Tom, Nicky, Dan, Betty, Jennifer and Larry Smith most of the evening. Tom and Nicky and Dan and Betty return home in a few days. Not to return till october.

Stopped at Lori’s for a haircut at noon. My appointment was for yesterday. The girl put it in the book for next thursday. I try again today.

The foul up was no problem. The Cuban Coffee Queen is around the corner. I stopped in for lunch.

A doctor’s appointment at 1. To check the area where things were cut off my head and face two weeks ago.

My KONK Life column this week has to do with bees. Bees as used in warfare. As far back as cave man days.

The column published wednesday. This morning it appears in KONK E-Blast. It was also linked to my Key West Lou website.

The last two weeks, Guy deBoer has run in E-Blast a pic of me taken 4 years ago in Greece. On Amorogos, my favorite place. The photo reminds me of how relaxed and laid back I was when there.

Back to younger days? A recent study indicates pot smoking today is highest in the over 55 group. The study contained a picture of grandma lighting up.

Enjoy your day!



It was announced yesterday that Michelle Obama would be in Milan two days this week. She will be visiting the World’s Fair.

Before I was aware of the First Lady’s visit via the news, I received a series of e-mails from friends and blog readers in the Milan area. All thrilled that Michelle would be visiting. Appears she is extremely popular in the area.

Michelle is heading an American delegation. The message she hopes to convey is the need for a healthy world. The way to reach the goal wise eating.

The delegation is referred to as a Presidential Delegation. One of the group will be Alonzo Mourning. One of the truly great NBA basketball stars of years gone by.

I was fortunate in my other life to have attended many pro golf tournaments. Rare was the occasion when Alonzo Mourning was not there. He always followed players with the masses. Walked hole to hole. No special seating or attention for him. I admired his humility, his simplicity.

Last night was the big Bocce Party. The league party. Not to be confused with the one at Don’s Place last week. All 54 teams in attendance. Roughly 300 people.

A good time. Always a good time.

The event was held at the new Waterfront Restaurant. Not officially opened yet. Given a peek by our group last night. What a place! Huge! Three stories. Several bars. One long long.

The place is still under construction. In its final phase.

I am not sure what it is going to be. The size overwhelming. The cost of running the place equally overwhelming. I would hate to have to pay the rent cost alone.

The food was excellent. Catered by Mango’s.

Drinks cheap. Surprisingly so. A Beefeater and one Bud light beer $7. Better than Don’s prices! I doubt they will be able to keep the prices at that level when the place opens.

I wish the proprietors good luck! They have engaged in a major undertaking. Hopefully, a big hit in the making.

Met many friends. One was Nancy Weiner and her husband Bob. They have a home in Key West.

Nancy is a loyal blog follower. Thank you, Nancy. We talked of many things. An interesting lady. I hope I run into Nancy and her husband again.

Manicure yesterday with Tammy. Tammy cut her hair! A big deal. Asians generally wear their hair long. Tammy agreed that was the case. However, she wanted to try something new. Typical woman. Her hair now shoulder length.

She looked fantastic! She did with long hair, also. It is Tammy’s smile that makes her the beauty she is, regardless of her hair length.

I have to write this week’s KONK Life column today. I am in a quandary. I have not decided on a subject yet. Nothing considered so far thrilled me. I have two hours to decide the subject matter of the column.

I love Putin! The G7 ignored him. He was not invited. No big deal. He met with the Pope instead. Putin is an expert at one up manship.

It is thought he met with Silvio Berlusconi afterwards. They are close friends. For real friends. Putin built a place in Portofino near Berlusconi’s home. I wonder if Berlusconi threw one of his famous parties for Putin. I would not be surprised. The two are birds of a feather.

The Citizen’s Voice in today’s Key West Citizen has a Thomas Jefferson quote. It is one I have written about in the past and referred to on my TV and radio shows.

Jefferson was a great writer. A molder of words. However as to finances, he was a failure. The banks were on his ass his whole life. He died broke. His daughter had to sell his beloved Monticello to pay the debts.

The quote…..I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

Banks and money lenders, nothing ever changes.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I am not making this up.

There is a Cornhole Tournament starting this evening in Key West. It also is referred to as the South Florida Cornhole Tournament and National Championship of Bags Tournament.

I did not and still do not know what it is about. I searched the internet. Found notices for the event. However, none described the activities to take place.

It appears to be a couples event. If you do not have a partner, sign up and one will be assigned.

The event this evening is at Hurricane Hole. Tomorrow at Turtle Kraals. Somewhere else sunday. Next weekend, even another place.

The event sounds like a preliminary round to determine who will represent Florida in the nationals.

If anyone attends or knows what this is about, let me know.

Bocce party a hit last night! Always a fun time. About 75 of us partied at Don’s Place.

Viagra for women. Around the corner. An advisory committee recommended its use to the FDA. FDA approval is expected soon.

I am all for it. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

The pill will not act as it does with men. Its purpose is to enhance mood. Long overdue. Many women lose desire with menopause, post menopause, lack of hormones, what ever, in their mid life years. Sad for them. Sad for their husbands/partners. Both sides lose. The woman goes without and does not seem bothered. The man is unintentionally cut off. He gets nothing.

All women will now have the capacity to enjoy sex in the second half of their lives.

I wonder what, if anything, will result. I recall the sex explosion in the 1960s when the birth control  pill hit the market. Will Viagra result in a similar scenario?

Computer hacking a  huge problem!

Last year, it was Bank of America and SONY. It was determined that these two companies were hacked because they failed to keep security systems updated.

Last week, it was 100,000 IRS accounts. Again, failure to update security.

Yesterday, another IRS problem was announced. This time re 4 million present and former employees’ personal data. The reason suggested immediately. Failure again to update security systems.

All about money. Bank of America and SONY because they did not want to take from bottom line profitability. With the IRS, the failure of Congress to allocate sufficient monies to do the job.

It is the age of cyber space and cyber wars. We better start doing the job correctly. Otherwise, other nations will use use the information to get a heads up on us.

My KONK Life column this week has been posted this morning to my Facebook websites Key West Lou and Louis Petrone. The title Corruption of Politics and Banks. I recommend its reading to you. Included are my suggestions as to how to correct the problems identified.

Enjoy your day!


Key west has had Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and other famous writers. The run continues. One of today’s is Judy Blume.

Judy Blume is a young vibrant 77 year old. Two days ago, she published her most recent book In The Unlikely Event. Her 29 published novels have sold 86 million copies world wide.

Judy is also known as the Fairy Godmother of Puberty. Early in her career, she wrote books for young girls . Regarding topics young ladies confront. Menstrual periods, sex, religion, etc.

Her early books on sex related subjects were banned in some quarters. The thought was too much knowledge for young girls/ladies.

Respected and loved. Another Key West luminary.

My yesterday started with the anti-gravity treadmill. Still not up to speed. Going cautiously. Tomorrow, I will blow it out.

Then to the Cuban Coffee Queen. Cuban cheese toast and coffee. Spent about two hours. Reading the newspapers and watching people come and go.

Bocce party tonight! At Don’s Place.

Fourteen teams comprise the thursday bocce league. Five of those teams have combined to have an additional competition. Sort of side bet. Those are the money games.

We won this season! Don’s Place. It has been four years since we last won.

The party is fun. There are trophies for everything. Even one for the most obnoxious (for want of a better term). It is known as the Larry Smith Award. I won it once. Though I do not consider myself obnoxious. Not even close. I think they wanted to give me something and the award was the only one left.

Don’s Bean Bag Throwing Tournament was last saturday. I keep referring to Key West as the place where adults come and become children again. Two sixty year olds won the contest. Don and David.

Life can be difficult. It has its moments. An event happened in Syracuse this week evidencing it.

A couple, 41 and 36, were having sex. They mistakenly used industrial glue instead of lubricant. Stuck together! Emergency people called. The couple were delivered to the hospital joined and bare ass.

An embarrassing moment!

I keep waiting for a story about the man who took Viagra and had a problem after four hours. Does it really happen?

Enjoy your day!


Monday night, the Tropic Cinema is showing the classic A Place In The Sun. The movie is based on Theodore Dreiser’s novel An American Tragedy. A movie worth seeing. I have seen it several times.

The court scene in the movie takes place in Herkimer, New York. Herkimer is a small community of about 8,000. It is the county seat. Also, it is 14 miles from Utica.

The court room in the film still stands. It continues to be used on a daily basis even today. The room is of so so size. Neither large nor small. The judge’s bench, witness chair, and jury box very close. Closer than in most court rooms. The room high ceilinged.

At the time of the filming, the ceiling was a robust painting. At some time, the ceiling was covered over.

The reason for this background information is simple. I tried many cases in that court room. It had its moment in history and you felt it every time you walked into the room.

Bocce party last night. I never made it. I was feeling tired and have a stress test today. I wanted to be in shape for the stress test so went to bed early.

One event at each bocce party is the Larry Smith Award. I do not know who it was presented to last night. It is a big deal! You have to be a bit crazy or unique to win it. Maybe something else. Hard to figure.

The reason I take the time to mention the Larry Smith award is because one year I won it. A proud moment!

The Cuban Queen is a sandwich shop. Its original location was and still is the side of the parking lot next to the wharf. I went for a while. The Cuban cheese toast with tomato was outstanding. I stopped going because the place had no tables. Merely a bench to sit on. It was not to my liking. Not convenient when trying to eat and read the newspaper at the same time.

The Cuban Queen recently bought Lobo’s. They are calling the new place Lobo’s Cuban Queen. Tables as well as benches. I will have to try it. I walked by yesterday looking it over. Looked good! I cannot eat Cuban bread while dieting. The key to good Cuban bread is pig lard. ‘Nuff said.

My yesterday was a 10 am meeting downtown. Then to the Beach Bar at the Pier House for a cup of coffee and newspaper reading. Followed by a hair cut with Lori. Spent the afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. Debtor’s Prison. Will write the article tomorrow.

The column will also be run on my Life in Key West page. Upper left hand corner: KONK Life Key West Lou Column. Hit it. Then hit the verbiage that drops down. Hope you enjoy the columns.

Yesterday was a perfect day weatherwise. 74 degrees and cool. Cool enough for some to be wearing sweaters and jackets. Comfortable. The sun shining bright, of course.

A visit to Key West is not complete with out a ride to Big  Pine to visit the flea market. Huge and old fashioned. This weekend the 11th annual Nautical Flea Market will be held. Everything ocean involved. Worth seeing!

If you go, stop afterwards at Boondocks or No Name Pub for lunch. Makes for a perfect day.

The US and Cuba entered into an agreement yesterday making it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. Visits will now be permitted without any special licensing. The trip must still be a supervised group one. You cannot just buy a ticket and fly down. However, all the paper work previously required has been done away with.

Big afternoon ahead. A stress test at 2. I hate them. Both the test and what might be discovered.

Enjoy your day!