I joined the Sons and Daughters of Italy last year. Actually, a reinstatement. I had been a member years earlier in Utica.

Glad I did! The Key West group are at the top of the fun list. Everyone friendly. Typical Key west, but more so.

The summer is dead. Why not have a party! And so it was last night. A bocce party.

A good crowd. Most had never held a bocce ball before. All anxious to learn. Prior to actually playing, dinner. Pizza, beer, wine and soda.

I did not play. Probably never will again. Amazing! I had to retire from bocce in my old age.

I participated. Sat with players and made suggestions, gave advice. Quietly and non offensively.

Allan Wimer. Loquacious, charming, humorous, considerate, a gentleman. The worst thing he could be accused off is that he left Key West. Transplanted himself to Naples.

Wimer a Facebook aficionado, also. We are FB friends. Came across an Amazing Stuff video he reran: If methadone is free to addicts because they have a disease…..Why is chemo not free for cancer patients?

Allan one smart man!

Some of us forget. Some of us are not even aware. There were times when certain diseases were horrendous. Killed or debilitated many yearly. Cures discovered. The diseases plagued us no more.

In days long gone by, Key West had its share of such diseases. The Key West Citizen in its Today in Key West History section made note of some over the past two days.

On July 16, 1887, the Marine Hospital reported 282 cases of yellow fever. Sixty three resulting in death.

A year later on July 16, 1898, the Army hospital reported a U.S. Army private had died of tuberculosis.

Finally on this day in 1954, 35 cases of polio had been reported for the year to date.

God bless medical research!

As one gets older, time remaining occasionally enter’s one’s thoughts. I know being 82.

Clive Cussler commented on the time issue in The Solomon Curse…..Time is a thief. It steals our memory, our hopes, and our strength, leaving only the sense there’s never enough of it.

The June 2016 meeting involving Donald Trump, Jr. The number in the room is now 8. Amazing how it grows almost day by day.

Truth a winner. A lack of it most always a guarantee of losing.

Again I revert to the saying of old…..Woe the web we weave when first we seek to deceive.

Enjoy your Sunday!


4 comments on “BOCCE PARTY

  1. ‘Wimer a Facebook aficionado, also. We are FB friends. Came across an Amazing Stuff video he reran: If methadone is free to addicts because they have a disease…..Why is chemo not free for cancer patients?’
    end quote

    Isn’t that what many are pushing for ? Free health care for all. Thats a good idea if done right. But, is free really free.

    ‘God bless medical research!’
    end quote

    But, G-damn big drug companies [ to para-phrase]. I agree with the research/cure/vaccinations,etc. [ even though some ‘cures’ are barbaric]

  2. Patrick – STOP TWISTING THINGS, your hubris is showing again. No one (well VERY few) are asking for “Free” health care – it’s called Affordable Health Care, and for a reason. The only “Free” (everyone is talking about) is a free market, where the health industry prices things with impunity. When it WAS that way, health care WAS practically unaffordable and frighteningly unpredictable, not just as to costs but coverage, as well. We’ve been there, we did that and it didn’t work. Managed health care (managed by the totally free market) was no better. The ACA was a big improvement on all of that. Hardly perfect, mostly do to political maneuvering, and always in need of tweaking for better results. Republicans and Conservatives want to change all that. So be it, there are consequences to elections.

    But please don’t TWIST this into your personal ignorant agenda, it’s NOT about FREE health care!

  3. Reading comprehension hasn’t improved any. Even if I agree your closed mind won’t let it pass. My point was that some health care is ‘free’ to some, and many [or some], want it for all, but, nothing is free. Someone eventually pays. But, this response was a waste of time.

    • If that’s what you intended to say – that’s what you should have said. But you did not! What you DID say was entirely different both in fact and intention. Reading comprehension is not an issue here, your ability to communicate honestly and accurately is!

      I am not suggesting (or care if) you agree with me, even with your REVISED rant, I am simply calling you out for your attempt to mislead with a less than honest original point, then ask for a redo.

      As for a waste of time, I believe you could have saved us all a “waste of time” by posting you thoughts correctly the first time around in a clearer more thought out way. Or, not posting your forced hubris at all.

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