Monday night, the Tropic Cinema is showing the classic A Place In The Sun. The movie is based on Theodore Dreiser’s novel An American Tragedy. A movie worth seeing. I have seen it several times.

The court scene in the movie takes place in Herkimer, New York. Herkimer is a small community of about 8,000. It is the county seat. Also, it is 14 miles from Utica.

The court room in the film still stands. It continues to be used on a daily basis even today. The room is of so so size. Neither large nor small. The judge’s bench, witness chair, and jury box very close. Closer than in most court rooms. The room high ceilinged.

At the time of the filming, the ceiling was a robust painting. At some time, the ceiling was covered over.

The reason for this background information is simple. I tried many cases in that court room. It had its moment in history and you felt it every time you walked into the room.

Bocce party last night. I never made it. I was feeling tired and have a stress test today. I wanted to be in shape for the stress test so went to bed early.

One event at each bocce party is the Larry Smith Award. I do not know who it was presented to last night. It is a big deal! You have to be a bit crazy or unique to win it. Maybe something else. Hard to figure.

The reason I take the time to mention the Larry Smith award is because one year I won it. A proud moment!

The Cuban Queen is a sandwich shop. Its original location was and still is the side of the parking lot next to the wharf. I went for a while. The Cuban cheese toast with tomato was outstanding. I stopped going because the place had no tables. Merely a bench to sit on. It was not to my liking. Not convenient when trying to eat and read the newspaper at the same time.

The Cuban Queen recently bought Lobo’s. They are calling the new place Lobo’s Cuban Queen. Tables as well as benches. I will have to try it. I walked by yesterday looking it over. Looked good! I cannot eat Cuban bread while dieting. The key to good Cuban bread is pig lard. ‘Nuff said.

My yesterday was a 10 am meeting downtown. Then to the Beach Bar at the Pier House for a cup of coffee and newspaper reading. Followed by a hair cut with Lori. Spent the afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. Debtor’s Prison. Will write the article tomorrow.

The column will also be run on my Life in Key West page. Upper left hand corner: KONK Life Key West Lou Column. Hit it. Then hit the verbiage that drops down. Hope you enjoy the columns.

Yesterday was a perfect day weatherwise. 74 degrees and cool. Cool enough for some to be wearing sweaters and jackets. Comfortable. The sun shining bright, of course.

A visit to Key West is not complete with out a ride to Big  Pine to visit the flea market. Huge and old fashioned. This weekend the 11th annual Nautical Flea Market will be held. Everything ocean involved. Worth seeing!

If you go, stop afterwards at Boondocks or No Name Pub for lunch. Makes for a perfect day.

The US and Cuba entered into an agreement yesterday making it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. Visits will now be permitted without any special licensing. The trip must still be a supervised group one. You cannot just buy a ticket and fly down. However, all the paper work previously required has been done away with.

Big afternoon ahead. A stress test at 2. I hate them. Both the test and what might be discovered.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I’ve been in that court room a few times over the years.

    The Big Pine Flea Market is our Saturday/Sunday morning stop after breakfast at the Big Pine Restaurant or the Galley.

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