Big morning! Robert and Ally are participating in their first competitive swim race. At the college. Lisa said they were up at 5:30 all excited. I will be there!

Yesterday, the show! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Went well. I love doing the show and that may contribute to its success. I especially enjoy doing it live on television.

Two topics received the most post show comment.

One was the report that soon smart phones and tablets will be operated by the eyes. Impressive!

The other had to do with camera and microphones being built into TV sets. The purpose is so others can watch us as we watch TV. To help advertisers decide what we like. Beware! One major TV manufacturer has already dione it with certain of its 2012 models. Quietly and unbeknownst to the American public.

Yesterday was December 7. Pearl Harbor.

It bothers me that in recent years more is not made of the day. We cannot forget. We should not forget. The best tribute I could find yesterday was the movie Tora Tora Tora on Turner Classics.

Pearl Harbor galvanized America. It educated a generation that would never have seen college. Many your grandfathers and fathers. The education created a previous non existent middle class. Finally, the day eventually led to a prosperity the Nation had never known.

It was announced yesterday that the US Supreme Court was going to hear the same sex marriage issue. Finally.

I am concerned with the possible result. The Court has four conservative Justices and four Liberal ones. An even split in the anticipated vote. The remaining Justice swings both ways. Justice Kennedy. I have been saying for two years that I am fearful Kennedy will vote the wrong way. With the conservatives. Defeating same sex marriage.

I could be wrong.

The way around the problem is for one of the Justices to resign or pass on. Then Obama would get to name the replacement. Undoubtedly a liberal and a vote for same sex marriage.

Yesterday was a lot of nothing that kept me busy all day. A manicure with Tammy. A walk starting at Square One and going through the Southernmost and Reach and then back to Square One. Wrote next week’s article for KONK Life. Worked on my new radio show. The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show. The radio show kicks off at 7 in the morning on Tuesday, December 18. Join me. A half hour talk show. Listeners can call in.

Directions as to how to find the blog radio show will follow soon.

Time to shower and head over to the college. A proud grandfather morning ahead!

Enjoy your day!

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