Dense fog this morning.

Fog is rare in Key West. Once or twice a year. I can hardly see the MTV house across the way. Just a shadow of Ed Swift’s. Nothing more. Not even the ocean.

Loved the swim meet yesterday morning! Robert and Ally competed.Tthey both looked good!

Four races each. Ally had 3 seconds. Robert a second and third.

I was impressed. This is their first year. I can see where they will continue with this program through high school. Denizens of the deep in the making!

Key West Christmas Parade last night. One of the finest parades I have ever seen. I say it every year. Because it is. Two and one half hours of pure joy. And at the end Santa Claus!

The floats throw candy to the children along the route. The kids scour for the candy. Robert and Ally included.

Egypt remains in turmoil. A simple reason. Democracy is hard to learn. It does not happen over night. After centuries of pharaohs, kings and dictators, one year is far too little to make the adjustment.

I still think we were better off with Mubarak. The reality of it is that it is not important what you or I prefer. It is what the Egyptian people want. As it should be.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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