Stephen Miller appeared on the Sunday talk shows yesterday. His appearances shocking.

Miller is a Senior Advisor to the President. Part of the close to Trump West Wing team. He recently distinguished himself as the preparer of the Executive Order re immigration/banning entry. The order that resulted in a court challenge which Trump has thus far lost.

Miller’s performance on the talk shows shocking. One person commented that Miller was a “talking bag of puss.” Strong language based on strong feelings.

Miller appears to me as one who has perfected lying with a straight face. He reflects a twisted psyche. A propagandist.

I found it interesting when he challenged George Stephanopoulus. Miller told Stephanopoulus that he (Miller) would decide what questions could be asked of him and what not.

A public servant?

Miller is 32. I have recently criticized his youth in holding such a high level post. One which requires experience.

Miller reminds me of Joseph Goebbels. Even looks like him. Google Goebbels and make your own determination. Goebbels was 36 when he became Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda in 1933. He had been a Nazi supporter and influence since 26.

My friends, start getting concerned. We are only at the beginning. Specifically what, I am not sure. Whatever, it definitely will be no good.

Permit a brief thought re immigrants.

The immigrants of today are the Jews of yesterday. A needed scapegoat.

I mentioned this several times five years ago when I visited Greece. Blackshirts instead of Brownshirts. Windows of retail stores owned by immigrants marked with huge Xs. Immigrants openly beaten on the streets while police turned their backs.

We are not there yet. May never be. You never know, however. Our nation is split. People angry. Lead by a person feeding off that anger.

Yesterday was a quiet day at home. Never left. A lazy day. Read, worked on tuesday night’s podcast, sat on the deck and snoozed, watched the Grammys.

Grammys enjoyable! Actually, terrific!

No Aqua Dueling Bartenders tonight.

Syracuse/Louisville. Available locally on ESPN. I may go out to watch the game.

Louisville a 4 point favorite. Louisville ranked #4 nationally.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and Louisville coach Rick Pitino best buddies. Close. Pitino was an assistant coach under Boeheim years ago. Both best man for each other. Both godfathers to certain of each’s children.

Kissing is good! No question about it. Tomorrow a big kissing night in Key West. To celebrate Valentine Day. A mass couples’ kissing at 5:30 tomorrow in front of the Custom House.

I will not be there. Unfortunately.

The History Section in this morning’s Key West Citizen has a picture of a trolley car taken in 1904. I remember street cars. We had them in Utica. My time to recall would have been 1937-40. Three to five years old. The trolley ran on Bleecker Street. Took us downtown. One to two miles.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Louis, you had a Bleecker St in your hometown Utica? I only knew of a Bleecker St in Manhattan’s West Village. Who was this Mr. Bleecker that streets were named after?

  2. Trump, a seriously gross dude reaches the highest office. Surrounds himself with some really despicable characters. Wins the support of the Alt-Right, a former KKK leader, the White Identity Movement and just for added fun, apple-pie baking, God fearing white haired ladies from the Heartland. We aren’t in Kansas anymore!

    • Hate is what Trump is about Diana, like American patriots many rise-up and fight when we begin to fall prey to the ugly that will lead to dark places. I can’t help if so many chose poorly, that is a frailty in democracy, but America and the World community will resist the likes of Trump and those who use fear and bigotry to further a dark agenda. It was a red flag when the despicable, such as Duke and Bannon, supported Trump. To ignore that is sad and naive. It is really quite simple Diana, what kind of person does one choose to be.

    • And things are going so swell now in the USA! To lose your NSA Adviser within a month of starting due to inappropriate interaction and information drops with the Ruskies, not good.

    • Not even close, out of nearly 20 candidates the most despicable, uncouth, deceitful and vile came out on top. Speaks volumes about those who enthusiastically supported him. Get over that.

  3. Louis, Unlike you, I like Stephen Miller. He sure knows how to talk – disturbed your boy George Steph. so much. But George deserves that treatment. With the Great Trump Adm, George will get a lot of that. Keep letting George have it, Stephen Miller.

    • I will counter that with Kellyanne shriveling under a Matt Laurer interview concerning the DOJ, warnings about Flynn and the blindness of the Administration.

      Heck, in another reality if a President Hillary had all of this going down, Ryan and Mcconnell would be tripping all over themselves to start detailed Congressional investigations.

      Whatever happened to what was good for the Good Old USA? Oh, I forgot, corrupt politicians and dirty money.

      • Leonardo,

        Yes, politics is all about angle and perspective, battle-lines move to accommodate the dynamics at hand. The two party system has to give way, it is foolish to squeeze so many issues into the same two sacks of ideology, something substantial is lost in the process. I’d bet most voters go with something in the political ballpark, perhaps compromising to accept the rest of the political party baggage. At any rate, we have plenty of room to expand and it’s overdue.

  4. Just as the man from Chittenango NY once wrote. The novels tale turned out as it should and maybe our new ‘wizard’ will able to do the same.

    • Maybe, but the first month his spells have been going rather awry. He needs to put down Twitter and start leading. Perhaps requesting total honesty and transparency in his Administration would be a great start.

    • Indeed, no hope and change there or with Trump. So when DO we get a really different government that is for the PEOPLE and not the swamp and corporate elites?

  5. Well, I guess I don’t know.either. Maybe another country. I wonder just how many have left that said they would if Mr Trump won. I doubt any have, this is still the best place to live.

    I’m still giving the man a chance. He still hasn’t stepped on his short arm as often as our previous leader did.

    • I agree, he is the President for at least the next four years. If he delivers prosperity and peace for the American people he will be re-elected. If the result if bad healthcare, a poor economy and a lot of corruption. We will have a new President.

      And, yes, I agree with the USA being the best place to be. I only wish we could learn the solve problems together instead of always shouting at each other and demeaning the other side.

      Perhaps a bit like Ronnie Reagan and Tip O’Neil.

  6. I only wish we could learn the solve problems together instead of always shouting at each other and demeaning the other side.

    Perhaps a bit like Ronnie Reagan and Tip O’Neil.
    end quote

    By gone days. But, yes, working together would certainly be nice. And, its usually productive. There are times when you end up with a camel, but, most times it can work.

    Whats a camel you ask ? A horse designed by committee.

    • Indeed. But we all live now on the same planet so we had all best learn too get along in Rodney King’s immortal words. History has shown us the alternative is we kill each other in mass does. I’d take a camel over that any day.

  7. We all should learn to get along ? I think most in this and most countries would agree. Go mention that to several mid-east countries and see what happens, take a video while you’re there.

  8. Spent the last EIGHT YEARS with a smooth talking dude.
    He did more to hurt race relations than any previous president…he also LINED his POCKETS !!!

    At least POTUS has exposed the CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON…..

    I have one QUESTION :


    POLITICS !!!! ?????

    How did nevada’s HARRY REID acquire to much WEALTH ??

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