I was critical of the Key West Citizen yesterday for failing to continue its April Fool edition of crazy/impossible stories. A bit of a furor erupted.

I read the Citizen electronically. I subscribe and pay for it in that fashion. The electronic edition did not carry any April Fool pages. It did print yesterday’s news normally. Why the Citizen put out two different copies of the edition, I do not know.

In any event, I received an e mail from a Citizen officer yesterday afternoon telling me of the difference. That the electronic edition did not carry the April Fool pages. I also received a comment from Anonymous this morning suggesting I had not read yesterdays Citizen. Anonymous apparently read the street/delivered edition.

This morning, the internet is carrying two editions of the Citizen. Yesterday’s April Fool edition boldly labeled as such and today’s normal edition. Today, I had the opportunity to read what I should have yesterday.

As usual, I enjoyed the April Fool edition. Two items particularly. The one about the bones being discovered on the Boulevard which would extend construction another year. The other that Schooner Wharf was no longer going to sell alcoholic beverages. It was to become a juice bar specializing in wheat grass, carrot juice and tofu.

The Key West Commission did its duty last night. They voted 6-1 to support two bills pending before the State legislature to permit recreational marijuana. They did so without argument. Unusual. They fight over everything else.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had an interesting Google/Harry Nicholls article regarding zebras. The eternal question was asked. Why do zebra’s have stripes? The answer: To deter parasitic flies. Flies do not like stripes. They avoid them. The conclusion of a new study.

Australian pines are back in the news. The sixth annual Save Our Pines picnic is April 6 from 1-5 under the pines at Fort Zach Beach. The picnic is sponsored by the volunteer group who fought 11 hard years to save the pines when the State decided to cut them down. The group was finally successful in 2008.

Some idiot in Tallahassee back when decided Australian pines were dangerous to other vegetation and dangerous to crocodiles and turtle egg planting. The pines had to go.

The irony of this whole fiasco is that the pines were transported to Florida and planted in various parts of the Florida by the State itself back in the 1890s. They were intended to be windbreakers. They must be sturdy beings. With all the hurricanes Key West has suffered, they still stand tall and proud at Fort Zach beach.

I enjoyed doing my blog talk radio show last night. I am beginning to think a half hour is not enough time to discuss all the craziness of the previous week. I am considering expanding the show to one hour.

The topic receiving the most post show comment involved a new company called Bite Labs. They make meat out of human tissue. A few scrapes of skin, a special whirling machine, the meat grows, is then spiced and oiled, and voila….salami. Salami is the first meat they will be producing.

They advertise that consumers can partake of celebrity meat. Can you imagine? Gulping down your favorite movie star!

I do not see Bite Labs as a winner. However, it might be 150 years from now when the earth is overridden population wise and there is not enough food to feed everyone. Cannibalism anew!

My back continued to be a pain yesterday morning. Then suddenly in the afternoon, no pain. Ok through the evening, also. This morning, no problem. I hope it is behind me.

Enjoy your day!

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