There was a time the Key West Citizen had more of a sense of humor.

Approximately 20 years ago on April 1, I was sitting at the kitchen table in 1800 where I was renting for the season. I browsed through the newspaper while having breakfast. The front page was interesting. Jam full of topics rarely reported.

The major article proclaimed that the Key West City Commission had the night before passed a local law prohibiting smoking on public beaches and streets. I immediately exclaimed to my then wife, “They can’t do this. It’s illegal!”

I still didn’t get it. I ranted on for a couple of minutes. Then it dawned on me. It was April Fool’s Day! The Citizen got me!

Strange how life turns. What was a joke yesterday, is fact today. Some public beaches do prohibit smoking. It would not surprise me if the day comes when smoking is not permitted on public streets.

I suggest the Citizen has lost its sense of humor because it no longer prints its traditional April Fool’s Day page.

Key West never fails to surprise. Nor do some of its leading citizens. Perhaps that is why Key West is at the cutting edge of many things.

This morning’s paper reported Commissioner Jimmy Weekly intends to introduce at this evening’s Commission meeting a resolution that Key West support two State bills seeking to legalize recreational marijuana. It is the next step in  the process. Florida citizens will vote in November whether to legalize medical marijuana.

What Jimmy Weekly will be doing this evening is not an April Fool’s joke.

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Topics tonight include my take on why the banks will destroy Ukraine faster than the Russians, a new form of cannibalism (eating meat developed from celebrity tissue), why U.S. food prices were up 19 per cent last year, an expose of existing welfare for the rich and corporations, college athletes having the right to unionize, and more.

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My back still hurts. Yesterday the worst. To the doctor later.

Enjoy your day!


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    • You draw an erroneous conclusion. I did read the April 1 edition of the Key West Citizen. I read it every morning early. Electronically. The electronic edition did not have any of the April Fool’s Day articles. Later in the day, I received an e mail from a Citizen officer telling me they did not include the usual April 1 pages in the electronic edition. Why the Citizen would waste money doing two sets of front pages is beyond me. Additionally, I do not understand why electronic subscribers would be entitled to less than those who get delivery. Read today’s blog where I address the issue in a bit more detail.

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