I am working on  my computer at Lisa’s. My computer is working well everywhere but my home. Has nothing to do with wi-fi. Has something to do with wires either in the house or outside.

Comcast is performing as expected. Poorly. I was to receive a call yesterday afternoon for service this morning. No call ever came. I called Comcast this morning. Received an apology. Got me action, however. I complained heartily. Tech will be at my home tomorrow morning between 8-10. They wanted to come this afternoon. No way. The house is being shown.

Dinner last night at Roostica. A couple of drinks and an order of lasagna. Good!

Visited an orthopedist this morning. My shoulder that I hurt about six weeks ago. Doctor thinks a rotator cuff tear. There is a good possibility of surgery. An MRI first.

Great whites have been in Florida and Keys news in recent weeks.

Katharine started it all. The pregnant great white. She came down from Cape Cod pregnant. Hung around off the keys for a few days. Then continued to the gulf side of Florida to await birth of her offspring.

Betsy soon followed her. Same scenario. Had either returned to the Cape, it would have meant she was not pregnant.

Florida is described as the shark capital of the world. It also is known as a white shark nursery. Many arrive to spend their early youth.

There are 500 different species of shark in Florida waters. Few are considered dangerous.

Now for the most dramatic piece of information. There have been 663 shark attacks in Florida waters since the 1880’s. Only one was off the Florida keys.

Interesting. Safe waters.

I mentioned two weeks ago the death of Charlie Robinson. Charlie owned the moped place on Truman. Just off Duval. The building with the big American flag flying over it. A real good guy! Charlie died from cancer. His wife Regina Bader-Robinson died two days ago. Of cancer. They suffered together and basically died together. Unquestionably sad. However, they are together once more. As it should be. They were a team.

The Republican side of the House of Representatives was giddy with success yesterday. They had formally voted to sue the President of the United States for allegedly exceeding his powers.

My prediction. The lawsuit is a loser. The courts have generally refrained from deciding political suits. Additionally, the law requires the person or persons bringing the lawsuit to have been damaged. I see no damage in the legal sense. Going a step further, this lawsuit will not be finally decided until after Obama is out of office. It will take that long.

All a waste of money. Your money and mine. Taxpayer dollars. The lawsuit will cost in the millions.

This morning was the beginning and last day of day 2 of the mini lobster season. Just as yesterday, I did not see that many boats out on the water. I looked for numbers in this morning’s Key West Citizen. Though there was a story, It made no mention of how many boats were out there. It did indicate the Coast Guard and Sheriff’s Department were busy handling injuries. Fortunately, no one died.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It appears to me that a suit or the democratic talk of impeachment of obama is nothing more than more misdirection and is a further waste of time and money which will accomplish nothing. But, that is all this administration and congress ever accomplishes.

    • “All a waste of money. Your money and mine. Taxpayer dollars. The lawsuit will cost in the millions.”

      Obama, Congress..BOTH houses, Supreme Court…all useless, sold-out and cashing in personally. The funds coming from your taxes. John Kerry… embarrassment. SO where is the REAL Banana Republic these days?

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