College campus protests have aroused pro and con opinions. I believe the protests have been too much and abusive. Many have disagreed with me. I have received some heavy adverse comments to the effect.

On May 8, the New York Post published an article setting forth that Columbia Law students wanted their final exams called off. Basically in the name of Palestine. The protests took up too much of their time and they are not ready for final exams.

The students wish automatic passing grades based not on their final exams, but on work through the semester. Preferably, a simple pass or fail grade.

The students argue they are tired and distressed from their protestations and those of their fellow students. They describe the police actions as “violence” that “has irrevocably shaken many of them” and “the majority of their classmates.”

A letter supporting their position was prepared by the Law Review Board. The Board is compromised of the best and brightest law students of a law school. They claim they and their fellow students have been rendered “unable to focus” and “are highly emotional” due to recent campus events.

The bottom line is they want one of the most elite law schools to go easy on them.

Again, Law Review Editors are the elegante of the student body. The most intelligent. They will be the A students on final exams. However because most protested rather than going to class, doing their homework and preparing for final exams opted to hopefully resolve the Israeli/Palestinian problem, they are in a bind re approaching final exams. Their protests have failed. Many will fail their final exams also.

The student demand is absurd.

Nothing about exams is easy or equitable. The whole purpose of a final exam is to determine who retained knowledge and understood concepts and who did not. Egalitarian grades are no grades at all.

University colleges and schools have coddled students for nearly a generation. Easy work, pass them all, provide good grades even where not warranted, keep parents and students happy. Universities became huge business corporations. The bottom line economically became more important than educating the students.

Students expect to be coddled.

There is a danger to all this. Especially where law students are concerned. The day will come when they will be representing clients. Their abilities will be less than what they should be and the client will get screwed in the process. Guaranteed!

Columbia Law School should stand tall and refuse to give grades and dole out degrees to “feeble, flunking” Hamas supporters.

Bear with me a bit further.

Law school is not easy. A tough experience. Three arduous years. The law student studies 8 days a week, 25 hours a day. It is no easy task. Many times leaving the student feeling overwhelmed. The feeling exists for all law students. The As as well as the Cs.

A semester consists of 4-5 courses. A mix of two and three credit ones. The law student must read cases assigned, attend class, take diligent notes, work with a study team, prepare outlines and begin getting ready for final exams 2-3 months before they are given. Otherwise, failure is the ultimate achievement. The Columbia students let down the last two months of the present semester. Impossible to catch up and be ready for final examinations. Want a break, a favor.

No way. Jose!

These pseudo-adults made a decision. The wrong one it appears. Many will fail their final exams. Many will not timely graduate. They will have to do another semester or year. Some will not do it and never receive a legal degree.

Choices have consequences. A legal degree is not a free lunch situation.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Jeeze Lou, where did you come up with the background for your blog today, FOX news?ht I’ve done a quick google search and the only mention of this is from the wacko press, like the New York Post, The Hill and FOX news. Not even CNN or ANY of the legitimate press is pushing this nonsense, not even The Drudge Report!

    Lou, what’s happened to you? You are not usually somebody who pushes these manufactured right wing false agenda’s, intended to make liberals look bad.

  2. You are wrong again Lou. A legal degree IS a free lunch situation, especially if you sit on the Supreme Court, like Clarence Thomas.

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