It is a little past one in the afternoon. Finally, I am back!

Computer problems. Two days. Repair person worked at his home and mine.mine. He visited me today. Brought his super dooper tablet. Would not work in my home. Nor would my computer which he had fixed. He had a long conversation with Comcast. Problem in the house wiring or outside.

When does he repair man come? We all know how Comcast is. I am supposed to get a call telling me re tomorrow morning. Hopefully! We shall see.

In the meantime, I am at Lisa’s. Working on  my computer. No problem!

I missed one blog and last night’s blog talk radio show because of the situation. Sorry.

The mini lobster season  started today. I watched the boats go out. I watched them drop anchor out on the sea. Does not appear to be as many as in  previous years. The newspaper will provide the numbers tomorrow.

I had two interesting stories ready to go. One concerning Florida sharks and the other lionfish. Too late for today. I will fit them in sometime this week.

Till tomorrow. I expect tomorrow to be late also. The repair man and I have an appointment with an orthopedist for my shoulder.

Enjoy your day!


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