Hershel is a today type guy. Intelligent, interesting. Also has a great wife. Erika. Love her!

Emily Bronte wrote Wuthering Heights. The greatest love story ever written.

Hershel’s birthday was July 29. Turned 54. Happy birthday friend!

Emily Bronte’s birthday was July 30. Not sure what her years would have been if still alive. Her life was short. She was born and died in the early 1800s.

The common factor: The closeness of their birthdays.

It is just after one. Comcast just left. It was not the computer that was on the blink. It was something to do with the outside wiring. I am up and running! I will not be late tomorrow with the blog. Promise.

My last night was pleasant and quiet. Spent a couple of hours at Don’s Place. My new found friend Tom the photographer came in. We had a drink together. Chatted with Clare a bit. Visited with Grant.

That is all I did last night. Don’s Place.

Marilyn Kaple is a frequent visitor to Key West. She is a FB friend and reads this blog religiously. She dropped me a note after my shark tales of yesterday. Remember Katharine? The great white female shark who made her way from Cape Cod to Gulf of Mexico waters to have a baby. She had her baby. Mother Katharine is no longer in the Gulf. She is somewhere in the middle Atlantic. I know not where the child is.

All of that has nothing to do with Marilyn Kaple.

Marilyn wrote to tell me there is now a Mary Lee. Another great white female shark. Sixteen feet long weighing 3,500 pounds. Mary Lee was traced from Cape Cod to the off shores of the Carolinas. Maybe pregnant. Not sure. She either gave birth off Cape Fear or was not pregnant. Mary Lee is now back in Cape Cod waters.

Enjoy your day!


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