Yesterday, I spoke about robots on my live video show on Facebook. A topic I have discussed many times over the last two years.

My point robots are already here. Will be in greater numbers over the next 2-3 years. In every aspect of our society.

Yesterday’s video concerned Wendy’s and MacDonald’s who are already involved. Both will move forward dramatically over this year.

Now, I read this morning that robotic soldiers are around the corner. The corner being ten years. I would suggest earlier as robot implementation moves rapidly.

Can you imagine? No more human bodies being maimed and killed. Let the robots do it!

Another segment of Go Live concerned China now permitting two child families. There are not enough young to take care of elderly parents. Nursing homes are rare in China. Care for the elderly a family obligation.

My yesterday began with a haircut with Lori. She just celebrated a birthday. A gentleman does not tell. She is still young, however.

Then to Farmers Market. Picked up 12 loaves of my favorite bread. Freeze most. Some day I will remember to ask the country of origin.

Lunch at 5 Guys on the Boulevard. Excellent! Heavy! Meant no dinner last night.

5 Guys on Truman and Duval has closed.

Bocce. Sat with Don’s Place and watched. My team, though I have not played in three years. Miss playing.

The team did not do well. Lost 2, won 1. Can’t give up games this early in the season.

Don is back. He missed last week. He was in Hawaii for a family wedding. Enjoyed Hawaii. The waiting/airport part left something to be desired. As those of us who have traveled to Hawaii well know.

Stopped and chatted briefly with my Sons and Daughters of Italy club members. Georgio, where were you?

Tonight, dinner with snowbird Diana Millikan. A unique woman. Interesting and wacky at the same time. Her sense of humor rubs wrong most of the time. In spite of which, I enjoy her company.

Remember the guy who ran down with his moped/scooter two Key Westers on bicycles a few days ago. While shouting “faggot” and “you are in Trump country now.”

The bad guy was from North Carolina. He has been arrested there. Plans on fighting extradition.

Little White House inaugurating a new event. An Easter egg hunt. The first annual Easter Egg Roll is scheduled for April 1. Kids up to 12 eligible to participate.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech at 4 tomorrow. Each must win to receive serious attention for the NCAA Tournament.

Every now and then something bothers me. Requires a venting.

Eugene Robinson is an Associate Editor of the Washington Post, a columnist, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a frequent participant on Good Morning Joe. I like the man. Admire and respect him.

Robinson and his wife visited Key West last year. They return this year. Today or tomorrow I suspect. He and his wife may have vacationed here in previous years also.

I for one am honored that Robinson has selected Key West for his get away home. Perhaps he will join us full time when he retires.

My problem. Robinson is scheduled to speak Monday at 6 at the Key West Theater. On behalf of the Friends of the Key West Key West Library. Admission free.

I discovered yesterday that he is appearing at The Studios of Key West Sunday. Admission being charged. $250 for a one hour meet and greet and seat for his talk. If one opts out for the meet and greet, the charge is $40.

I doubt the money is going into Robinson’s pockets. Probably a fundraiser for The Studios. Whatever, wrong.

Many of his stature vacation with regularity in Key West. They frequently speak. For nothing. It is wrong for The Studios to use Robinson in this fashion!

Enjoy your day!


8 comments on “ROBOTIC SOLDIERS

  1. Lou, you gave me a lot to work with here today.

    How did 5 guys not survive off Duval? I will miss it.

    The guy from NC, glad they got him, I bet he thought he’d gotten away with it. The typical small minded coward.

    Enjoy your dinner with Diana, keep your guard up!

  2. Louis, I wonder where dinner tonight will be – since I have no say in it -Louis calls the shots. I asked that it be a quiet place because we have a lot to talk about. Louis said that no place in KW is quiet. So no talking, eat only. I am not a snowbird. My KW conch lobster fisherman bae gives me the title ‘stranger’. A title that he says will be mine forever. See you at 6p, Louis.

  3. Three things. MacDonald’s. Are you shitting me? Put forth some effort. It’s one of the most iconic brands on earth. Spell it right. Second. I’ve travelled to Hawaii–Maui, Kohala, Honolulu, Kailua–yearly for two decades and have no idea what your airport comment means. I’d guess you haven’t been in at least 15 years despite that comment suggesting you’re a jet setter of some sort. Finally, Diana is an insufferable fool with a reputation for the same.

    • Spelling aside. Lou’s point about the coming of robotic and automation to fast food is correct. How the nation handles the eventual displacement of millions of low and unskilled workers will be interesting.

  4. Life is wonderful. I like all sorts of things including but not limited to correct spelling. Robots and automation have been here. There are McDonalds at high traffic international tourist destinations that have had automated kiosks for years. Idea being facilitating access to a consistent product regardless of the language you speak. Walk up to the kiosk, select your language based on a graphic of your country’s flag, go from there. Louis, if you want to know more about automation, I suggest you research companies like IBM, Bosch, Ericsson and Huawei. This falls under the umbrella of the Internet of Things. You connect previously static objects to the internet. Now they can produce data and transmit it to a cloud platform where analytics are applied. From there an ever growing pool of analytics allows a manager to get increasingly good actionable insight. The German government has an entire agenda called Industry 4.0. A good example is machine vision on an assembly line. A camera looks at manufactured goods, uses analytics to see defects and initiates an action. I’m so interested in this I made a career out of it. And that’s why it rubs me the wrong way that a guy who can barely use a phone waxes poetic on a topic that I think you have a tenuous grasp on at best. Other suggested reading would be Bill Gates recent commentary on taxing robots that displace jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto on leveraging network infrastructure to develop social infrastructure. But you’re on the cutting edge so I assume you know all this already. But can’t spell McDonald’s.

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