An interesting dinner with Diana Millikan last night. At Berlin’s.

I have known Diana three years. Only met her face to face two times. each for dinner. Last night being the second. We communicate via e-mail.

I find her intelligent and interesting. She has a problem, however. Her mind moves faster than her lips. Or, vice versa. A task to keep up with her some times.

Diana had an agenda. A list of items she wanted to cover with me. I am not sure we got to them all. However, I was tired at the end.

One of the things discussed is a book we hope to do together. Famous Key West buildings/structures of old. Diana’s responsibility to search out old photos and arrange them. Mine to write a brief narrative beneath each.

A famous whore house in the 1930s, a building where the shrimp catch was processed in 1900, the Rose Tattoo House, the public mortuary where bodies were left on ice, etc.

The past.

On this day in 1952, Ernest Hemingway completed writing The Old Man and The Sea. He wrote his publisher the same day saying the book was finished and he thought it was the best writing he had ever done.

Bum Farto. His name as familiar in Key West as Ernest Hemingway and Harry Truman.

Farto was the Key West Fire Chief. A popular figure. He had been convicted in February 1976 of drug charges. Jail a certainty.

On this day in 1976, Farto was reported missing by his wife. Never to be found again.

“Where is Bum Farto” became an immediate saying and continues to this day. An integral part of Key West history.

How did the Where is Bum Farto question come into being? From T-shirt sales. Even back then, T-shirts a Key West money maker. A vendor printed T-shirts with the saying.

William Hackley. 1856. His wife Matilda had need of dental services. A Dr. Walton accompanied Hackley home that day. The dentist plugged three of Matilda’s teeth and commenced Aleltas.

What were plugging and Aleltas?

Plugging a dental word. If the decayed part of the tooth was smaller at its orifice than internally, the hole could be plugged. Plugging arrested the disease and preserved the tooth for years.

I find it hard to believe. Closing up the hole without removing the decay?

Aleltas a problem for me. Could not find a word so spelled. The closest and referable to dentistry is Alertas. I could not find a definition for Alertas. If any of you do, let me know what it is.

Did two Facebook Go Live videos yesterday. One about visas, the other robotic soldiers.

An American traveling in Europe has it made. Move from country to country as if back home and going from one state to another. No stopping, show me your papers, etc.

The Eurounion is not happy with what Trump plans to do with regard to limiting/denying access to certain persons. By voice vote this past week, the Eurounion decided to require Americans to obtain visas before traveling through their countries. Goes into effect in two months.

Going to be a pain in the ass! Show me your papers! Stand in long lines to have them examined!

The Euorunion  nations fighting back against Trump’s move to further vett those entering our country.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech at 4 today. Both teams have the same number of wins and losses. Georgia Tech beat Syracuse three weeks ago.

The Vegas line has Syracuse an 8.5 point victor. I hope so. Syracuse needs to win to be seriously considered for the big tournament a couple of weeks away.

I will be watching the game at Jack Flats with Dee. Dinner afterwards at Antonia’s or Martin’s.

Enjoy your day!


9 comments on “BERLIN’S WITH DIANA


    A friend just sent that and I spit my beer out my nose reading it. So, I had to share it.

  2. The Visa issue has been going on since 2014. The Euro Union is looking for complete reciprocity, for all of it’s members, from the U.S. and Canada. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump! It is only being considered, with a huge financial negative called tourism!

  3. Louis, our dinner date last evening was a memorable event. I will get to work quickly on our book project. Everyone will want a Louis Petrone/Diana Millikan Key West Times in Photos on their coffee table.

  4. The Visa issue has been going on since 2014.
    end quote

    Well, it has to blamed on President Bush or President Trump. Blame can’t be placed where it belongs.

  5. Louis, you won’t like this either, and you’ll call me miserable or whatever, but that book exists and it’s excellent. It’s called The Streets of Key West by J. Willis Burke. But I’m sure you’ve come across it in your extensive research.

  6. Louis, you won’t like this either, and you’ll call me miserable or whatever, but that book exists and it’s excellent. It’s called The Streets of Key West by J. Willis Burke. But I’m sure you’ve come across it in your extensive research. Does being an expert in everything get boring? Is it lonely on your ivory tower?

  7. Charles, I loaned Louis the Burke book when we dined at Berlin’s Cigar Bar Friday night. His non boring eyes are speed reading through it now with his non boring fingers flipping the 200 pages. Our coffee table book will be a different set up compared to Burke’s. I checked Burke’s book out of the Fleming Street public library that has a wealth of literary enrichment for our conch and non conch intellect. However, I was dumbfounded when Louis told me that he has no library card. I thought everyone did. It’s the American Way to the opposite of ‘Fake News’. Louis, get a library card, will you?

    • Diana was your comment for me or Steve? Regardless, history is full of “fake news” as it is often written by the victors, but your point regarding the library card is well taken. I had one at a young age and became quite familiar with the Dewey Decimal System. I’m glad to hear your evening was enjoyable.

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