A man who brought so much joy to others apparently was not happy within himself. Robin Williams passed away yesterday by his own hand.

Everyone knows of his major accomplishments. Permit me to share one less known with you.

In the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s, I spent much time in New York both on business and pleasure. I have always had a fanatical interest in art. I stole at least an hour a day on most trips to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Heaven to me!

Many times after the visit, I would sit on the steps in front of the Museum. wWth hundreds of other people. On occasion, I would enjoy a hot dog and can of soda while sitting there. Generally there was a mime performing. Always enjoyable to watch.

Twenty years later, I was watching a talk show on TV. Robin Williams was being interviewed. It was there I learned that he had spent several years performing as a mime on tghe sidewalk in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Let the band play, the canons roar! Northern Roosevelt Boulevard was open yesterday. aAl five lanes! The official opening is at 2 today. I was able to drive into town and out on the Boulevard with no holdup or difficulty. I was at the point where I thought the time to do so would never return.

My yesterday began with a business meeting, then lunch with the grandkids, and dinner at Geiger Key.

The afternoon was spent working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Join me at 9. Interesting topics include the chamber of horrors occurring on Mt. Sinjar, police brutality, Saudi Arabians being anti-Christmas, an Indianapolis man who won two separate $1 million lotteries within 3 months, a man whose penis was amputated by mistake, and more.

I have to move fast this morning. I have an MRI scheduled at 10:30 of my right shoulder.

Enjoy your day!



3 comments on “ROBIN WILLIAMS RIP

  1. “a man whose penis was amputated by mistake”

    That is one hell of a mistake, I hope he got it re-attached.

  2. Its probably a good thing jeffrey dahmer wasn’t around. Remember what he asked Lorena Bobbitt, ‘ you gonna eat that ? ‘

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