My Sunday began with Meet The Press. Then lunch at Lisa’s with the family. They had just returned from swimming at Fort Zach.

On the way home, I stopped at Don’s Place to watch the PGA. No PGA when I arrived. It had been shut down for an hour due to rain. Chatted instead with Jimmy and John. Bocce one of the topics. Bocce season begins Thursday night.

I was not in the mood to return home yet. Went downtown to look over Lobsterfest. Lower Duval a zoo. Jam packed. Everyone enjoying the lobster brunch I detailed yesterday. Not just lobster alone. Things like lobster lasagna, paella, and mac cheese. I was stuffed from lunch and tried none of the items.

Watched most of the PGA after returning home. Fantastic outstanding golf! Five hundred plus yards and these guys are on in 2. No way could Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer have done it. It is the clubs and balls. All manufactured to go farther and straighter. Plus these guys are all physically conditioned. Did you ever see Nicklaus without a belly?

I thought playing the last two holes in semi dark and dark was wrong. An insult to the players and the PGA.

I would be remiss if I failed to comment once again on Mount Sinjar.

The number seeking safety on the mountain has gone from 30,000 to 150,000. Who really knows. The situation is being described as a Chamber of Horrors and Mountain of Death.

ISIS has changed its name. It is now IS. Islamic State.

Bad people.

They are beheading Yazidis. A soldier will grab someone and slice their head off with a hunting knife. This is also being done to children, In addition to beheading, children are crucified and amputated. IS has a thing about cutting off a person’s hands and feet.

Women and girls are raped. Wives and daughters are raped in front of the husband/father and then the husband/father is killed. The women and girls not killed are taken to be sold outside Iraq as slaves. Women and children are being buried alive.

Some corpses are beheaded and then hung on a cross. In addition to those crucified alive.

Yazidi men are lined up, made to kneel, and then shot in the head from behind. IS members not shooting watch, laugh and some take pictures.

The internet is rampant with photos and videos of the carnage. Many taken by IS members themselves and placed on the internet via social media.

Whole villages are given the option of converting from their religion to the Islamic faith. If they refuse, they die. Agreeing alone is not sufficient. A person converting must prove the conversion is sincere. Such is generally accomplished by forcing the person converting to kill non converting family members.

Sick. Wrong. Perverted.

All so bad that I cannot in good faith end this blog as I generally do. I am left speechless.


  1. islam. How can anyone still think this is the religion of peace.

    Golf. Rory. 10th hole. 586 [?] yds. driver, 3 wood to within 7 ft and makes the eagle putt. Crazy.
    I was hoping for Phil or Ricky.

  2. “Sick. Wrong. Perverted.

    All so bad that I cannot in good faith end this blog as I generally do. I am left speechless.”

    Just heard on the news that an IS sympathizer was just arrested here in the US, at an airport I believe. We had better be ready as the new Atilla the Hun is coming.

  3. I’m am extremely happy that I was lucky enough to be born in the USA!!
    If anyone doesn’t like our government they should try living in Iraq.

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