President Trump lies almost every day. The truth escapes him. Those who do not agree refuse to see that which is blatantly before them.

Church going I am not. Religious I am.

The Ninth Commandment says…..Thou shalt not lie.

Proverb 17:7 appears to have been written in anticipation of a Trump Presidency…..Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler.

Yascha Mousk wrote a New York Times Op-Ed recently re Trump. Re his overall conduct.

Mousk’s message….. Beware!

She sees a democratic dissolution in the works, the beginning of authoritarianism. She warns the demise of democracy is gradual and easy to overlook.

Secretary of State Tillerson recently committed a difficult to understand act. He rejected $80 million in the House approved budget for his Department. The purpose of the $80 million to counter propaganda emanating from ISIS and Russia. ISIS terrorist propaganda and Russia’s disinformation.

Tillerson’s reason: He did not wish to aggravate Russia.

The triangle at the intersection of US 1 and the Boulevards is under reconstruction to correct errors made in the original planning. Projected as a 2-3 month job. I forget which.

My complaint is no one is working. The State started the job 3 weeks ago. Activity the first week. Since then, next to nothing. No one working.

Near the end date per the contract, the contractor will tell the State more time required. Which, of course, will result in additional dollars.

The people never win.

Busy afternoon yesterday. Walgreens to pick up a new water pill prescription. Hopefully my ankles will look normal in a few days. Then to Publix. Cupboard bare again.

Returned home. Fine tuned last night’s blog talk radio show.

Enjoyed doing the show. Key topic involved jail prisoners/inmates doing work enuring to the benefit of the State or privately run jailers with little or no benefit to those performing the work.

The 13th Amendment adopted in 1865 freed the slaves, except persons jailed for crimes. Ergo, legal.

Big Latch on Day friday. Part of International Breast Feeding Week. Locally, mothers and babies are asked to join together at the Keys-Eco-Discovery Center at 10 am. Babies all drink at the same time!

John Kennedy was a Lieutenant JG on August 1, 1943. His vessel, PT-109, was sunk by the Japanese. He and his men spent several days on an island waiting rescue. Kennedy’s acts during that time heroic.

In 1962, a movie was to be made regarding the episode. Kennedy was in Key West. With him was Sheriff John Spottswood. Later to be a State Senator.

The location for the filming had not yet been decided. Hollywood was searching for an island.

Spottswood owned Little Munson Island at the time. He suggested Munson to Kennedy. Munson was selected to be the site for the movie.

Little Munson Island no longer known as such. Today, it is the world famous resort Little Palm Key.

Hackley reports Black Matilda better. Not returned home yet. Yellow fever still a concern. She must be completely recovered.

Yellow fever comparable to a plague in 1856. At the same time Black Matilda was sick, a vessel arrived. The steward and mate down with yellow fever. The ship was quarantined at anchor.

Inga is celebrating her 20th anniversary as a drag queen at Aqua. Loved by all! Inga’s real life person Roger Hultman.

Have to hustle. Manicure in an hour.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “PROVERB 17: 7 RE A RULER’S LYING LIPS

  1. JFK was about/close to being court martial for his actions prior to the collision. His action after the collision in saving one ship member, and daddy becoming involved, sent him on the path to being seen as a hero. The collision should not have happened.

    • Patrick – could you please lead us to any “official” and contemporaneous documentation that says, or even suggests that John Kennedy was, as you say “about/close to being court martial for his actions prior to the collision.” I have never seen anything, apart from more recent discussions, on message boards and some recent print articles, that show even any official inquiry, on the subject. Certainly nothing that would substantiate your claim. In fact, the official incident report at the time (still widely available online), says nothing whatsoever about a possible court martial or even about any kind of reprimand. Clearly the incident was hyped all out of proportion, initially in ways that helped his political career, but also nowadays, aparently to smear him, in an unfair way.

      • All one has to do is look, all the info one wants is readily available.

        The PTs were powered by 3 V12 Rolls Merlin engines built under license by Packard with direct v drives. These engines were not to be shut down when on patrol duty. JFK had his shut down. He was not the only one to do so, but, it was against regulations and a court martial offense. Maybe he was the only one to get caught with his pants down. Several superiors pushed hard for for his court martial.

        When surprised by the ship that night the engines could not be started in time to avoid the collision. After the accident JFK being a good swimmer stayed with and saved another member of the crew. They were in the water for quite a period of time.

        As you know, links cannot be posted here, they disappear into moderation.

        • Patrick – yes, I think anyone can find a find a bunch of places to read info about JFKs PT boat issues but it looks to me like that all comes after the release of the movie in 1963 and most of it way after that. What I am wondering, is how you can say very specifically that, and I quote YOU “JFK was about/close to being court martial for his actions prior to the collision.” without any contemporaniounads data or documents that even suggest that. Sure, anyone, can discuss and criticize what happened in the middle of the night on the open seas in a war zone, some 20 to 50 years on, even come to harsh conclusions, but that doesn’t changed what happened back then and you should not invent something about that and then present to as a fact. There doesn’t seem to be any proof whatsoever, that JFK was, and I quote you again “about/close to being court martial for his actions prior to the collision.”

          Please don’t now say that that you really meant something else and I misunderstood you. You said, and I quote you “JFK was about/close to being court martial for his actions prior to the collision.” If you meant that – since then, some people feel that JFK could have or should have been disciplined or court-martialed – then that’s what you should have said.

          If you can find and contemporaneous data or document, not some more recent “spin” opinion, please send us a keyword that google will recognize and help us find your source.

    • Thank you. Film also contained footage of Kennedy killing in Dallas. Heavy. A sad memory. KW visit film contains high school. Doubt it is the same one as today. Looks like the lower level school kitty corner from
      Bayview Park. The world might have been different were it not for Kennedy’s death. It was the age of excitement, held promise. Camelot ended, never to return.

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