My body periodically has problems. Most due to aging.

Yesterday, it was low blood pressure. Last night and today, my back. Threw it out again. Spasm time. Cannot sit, stand, lie down, etc. It is almost 1 in the afternoon. I could not sit to do the blog before now.

My bottle of gin sits a mere 10 feet from me. Looks better by the moment.

Blood pressure seems to have rectified itself. Back to normal today. Dr. Jackie Lefferts a genius. Sent me over to Publix to buy Gatorade. Told me to drink a couple of bottles. My electrolytes might be low. I drank two. Appears she was right.

My back really hurts! I have a call into Dr. Lefferts for something to take. Advil is not touching the problem.

I did my blog talk radio show last night. Fortunately, no one could see me. I rolled with the pain for the half hour. All sorts of body contortions. Sitting was definitely out.

There are some little things that have been bothering me. I vented last night in the first part of the show.

The military and transgenders. A panel recently recommended lifting the ban in the military. It is claimed there are 15,500 transgenders in the service. I don’t know the answer. I am not sure how I feel. I have seen our country go through the women and gay issues, and properly resolve long standing wrongs. . Transgenderism is the new kid on the block. How will it be dealt with?

Social Security is stockpiling bullets. Why? To shoot up the nursing homes? 174,000 hollow point ones.

Nazism has a secure place in Ukraine society. They are part of the good guys. The ones we have sent or intend to send monies to. Senator McCain even had his picture taken with the head of the Nazi Party. Why is the American media silent about the Nazism involvement? The European papers are not.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced this morning an end to a criminal investigation against Toyota. The result appears to be a civil settlement. Toyota buried the fact they were knowingly selling autos with undisclosed safety problems. Many accidents. Some deaths. Toyota agreed to pay $1.2 billion.

Holder has done an outstanding job of bringing to task wrongdoing corporations, including banks. In years to come, his work in this regard will be recognized and applauded. More so than today.

My problem is that Holder’s Justice Department seems reluctant to put some high ranking corporate chiefs in jail for the wrongdoing of their companies.  Not one major banker has gone to jail for the mortgage scam. The Toyota settlement is another example of getting the bucks but not proceeding with criminal action to its conclusion. In the Toyota scenario, Toyota has literally gotten away with murder in exchange for money.

Let me crystallize my thought. A man is drunk, drives his auto and kills someone. Good for 10-20 years in jail. Toyota’s top people hide safety problems, people die (more than one) and no one goes to jail.

Something wrong here!

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “ALMOST NO BLOG TODAY

  1. Its not just Toyota. This has been going on for years. Its always been easier for companies to pay a ‘fine’ rather than account for their actions. You’ll hear about it again shortly.

  2. “A man is drunk, drives his auto and kills someone. Good for 10-20 years in jail. Toyota’s top people hide safety problems, people die (more than one) and no one goes to jail.”

    That is because Corporations in America have been ruled “people” by the 9 amigos on the Supreme Court. And they are very, very rich people at that. If one does not believe money can buy about anything in America these days, including the Justice Department, than I have a nice split level in Crimea I’d love to sell you cheap.

    Congress was bought and paid for long ago. As was the media be it Fox or MSNBC or anything in between.

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