A glorious Key West morning!

I decided to walk early this morning.  I walked the neighborhood. My neighborhood. Key Haven.

I can see any time of the day the MTV house across the water from me. Beautiful! My neighbor Andrew recently had it painted. A bright yellow with purple and green pastel trim. A beauty! Especially in the morning when the rising sun shines upon it.

Andrew is rarely in Key West to enjoy it. He has a live on the property caretaker who watches things. Andrew spends most of his time in Sweden, with occasional side trips to Thailand and Key West.

Andrew’s youngest son is 2 year old Kai. He refers to me as Kai’s grandfather. Sometimes godfather. Andrew is Italian.

It has suddenly become summer in Key West. Low 80s by day. Humidity now during the day. In a couple of weeks, the evening also. Air conditioning will be required.

I noticed the last two days that the heat has become so heavy you can see it sitting on the roadways in the distance.

Sequestration is being felt in Key West. Surprisingly, early.

Recall the Key West revolution against the U.S. back in 1982. As a result, the Conch Republic was born. Passports and all. Each year the Great Sea Battle is replayed to remind all of that memorable day. The Coast Guard has a cutter participate. The Navy a couple of jet planes. The Conch Republic 2-3 pirate ships and a World War I bi-plane. Interaction occurs.

The Coast Guard cutter sprays sea water on the pirate ships with hoses. The pirate ships return fire in the same fashion and also throw cabbages, tomatoes and eggs at the Coast Guard.  The bi-plane skirmishes with the jets. The bi-plane also bombs the Coast Guard cutter with rolls of toilet paper.

Not this year.

It was announced that due to sequestration, the Coast Guard cutter Sawfish would not be participating. The event is scheduled for April 26. The reason given was budget cuts because of sequestration.

The Conch Republic has not heard from the Navy yet. I hope they do not withhold the jets.

Dion’s is a famous small chain of gas stations and attached grocery marts in Florida. I believe 12. Two are located here. One on Truman Ave. in Key West and the other on Stock Island.

Dion’s is best known for its fried chicken. A weekly staple in many diets. Absolutely delicious! Deep fried in oil, tender, and smells good! Great for the cholesterol.

Dion’s founder died recently. He was 91. He started Dion’s back in 1948. Called it Dion’s Oil Company. Dion will be forever known as the creator of Dion’s fried chicken! The popularity of his chicken will never diminish.

The morning news advises England’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died. The first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain. Hers was a distinguished career in the 1980s. She and President Reagan were best pals. Thatcher is being compared this morning to Winston Churchill. I am not sure. Good, but perhaps not that good.

May she rest in peace.

Spent a lot of time at Lisa’s yesterday. It was Jake time. Before I arrived, the family had taken Jake to the beach for the first time. Fort Zach beach.

He was good. I am surprised. Did not get excited or chase after any one. No barking.

Jake went in the water. Corey said Jake was able to swim. Jake however did not appear to enjoy the water and beach that much. He will have to. Lisa’s family is a beach family. Every week. One of the benefits of living in Key West.

Jake and I were playing. I suddenly lunged at him. Never again. He was up and barking at me big time. It took a while to calm him down.

Mad Men returned last night. Two hours. I really enjoy the show. Probably because the show is set in the 1960s. I was a young lawyer back then. The clothes, both male and female, the hair of both, words used, the smoking and drinking, were all very familiar. That’s the way it was!

Tomorrow is tuesday. Tuesday is Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine in the evening. Join me for a quick half hour chat concerning current world problems. Topics tomorrow night will include banks again and how they have title to our money once it is deposited, how brand name and generic drug companies work together to screw the American public, and a bit about the Egyptian Muslims attacking Christians. A little Final Four talk, also.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. The problem with socialist’s is that eventually they run out of other peoples money- Margaret Thatcher .

    We can’t seem to understand that concept.

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