I did not get home till one this morning. I was at Don’s Place watching the Louisville/Michigan game. I was hungry. Opened the refrigerator door to see what I could pick on.

A dozen eggs fell on the floor! I had them sitting in the carton on a shelf in the door. Opened the door too fast and they went flying.

What a mess! Eleven broke. One survived. The floor for a 10 foot radius had yolk and egg white splattered all over. The carton had a couple of broken eggs in it. When I went to move the carton to the sink, it dripped all over the cupboard. Another mess.

What did I learn?

Take the eggs out of the carton when you get home from the market. Place each egg in those little round egg holders in the door.

Egg whites are sloppier than yolks. Much. Most of the yolks remained intact. It was the slimy clear stuff that got all over.

Egg whites do not easily clean off the floor. It took several attempts with paper towels before the job was properly done.

Bottom line…..I should not have been eating at one in the morning!

The game was fantastic! One of the best I have seen! Both teams are to be congratulated.

I watched the match at Don’s Place. With Don, David and Angus. I do not know how, but Don and David ended up with Louisville and Michigan in the pool. Don, Michigan. David, Louisville. David had to spot Don the 4 point line. $800 at stake. The two guys were very much into the game. David was thrilled to be the winner. Louisville came out on top by 6 points.

Angus is a die hard Michigan fan. Like I am with Syracuse. He was very unhappy at the end of the game. Got up immediately and walked out of the bar.

A little known story about Pitino and Boeheim. They are best buddies. Have stood up for each other at marrying time. Godfathers to each others children. Pitino spent his first two years coaching as an assistant to Boeheim at Syracuse.

Gas has been hovering at $4.05 a gallon for a couple of weeks. Last night, $3.95. The first time in a long time it has been under $4 in Key West.

Today is tuesday. Tuesday is blog talk radio time. Join me this evening at 9 on your computer.

Subjects that may be discussed include the banks again, how the pharmacy houses are screwing the American public, the beauty of Sharia law, the Final Four, and whatever turns you on. Your topic does not have to be one I have under consideration.

David surprised me last night. David ia a working man. He is unable to watch my tv/internet show friday mornings. He could not wait to tell me he caught the show sunday afternoon. He was flipping the dial and came upon me pontificating.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is being rerun saturdays at 4:30, sundays at 3, and wednesdays at 6. If you cannot watch friday morning, perhaps you might watch one of those times.

Annette Funicello. Her passing away is a sad moment. For many of us. She was part of our lives back when.

Annette was a Mouseketeer in the 1950s. I was in college four of those years. Every week day at 5, my dorm floor would gather in the wreck room. To watch the Mickey Mouse Club on TV. We all sang in unison…..M I C K E Y  M O U S E! Mickey Mouse!

Annette was there with the other mouseketeers. For whatever reason, she stood out from the rest. We all knew her back then. And into the 1960s when she starred in beach movies.

There is a connection with Annette. She was born in my home town of Utica, NY. Most stories about her always add on…..of Italian parents. Why, I do not know. Funicello is as Italian as you can get. Annette’s name was never changed. It might be because anti-Italian prejudice still existed in those days big time.

I never met Annette. Did not know her personally. She left Utica for Los Angeles with her family when she was 4.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis, Its actually not good to take the eggs out of the carton. That carton keeps them fresh and helps them from getting stale quickly. Just place them on a solid shelf towards the back!

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