Thanksgiving in the air. Mentioned everywhere.

O. Henry was a famous short story writer from long ago. A giant. He said re Thanksgiving…..There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.

O. Henry’s name brought to mind one of his short stories. One dealing with man’s most sensitive emotion: Love. “The Gift of the Magi.”

I had not thought of the Magi gift story for at least 50 years. Till yesterday. A love story involving Christmas.

The Gift of the Magi involves a young couple very much in love. Della and Jim. Christmas was at hand. Neither had enough money to buy the other a gift.

Each sold their most prized possession.

Della had beautiful hair. She loved it. People commented her on it. She had her hair cut and sold in order to purchase a platinum FOB chain for Jim’s watch.

Unbeknownst, Jim sold his valuable watch in order to buy Della jeweled combs for her hair.

Love in its purest form.

I have only so much blood to give. My orange blood.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching Notre Dame beat Syracuse in football 36-3. Total destruction. Did not expect it. Thought Syracuse might win.

Basketball season has begun. Football and basketball overlap this time of the year. Syracuse played 2 basketball games in the past few days. Lost both. Not even close.

Depression does not accurately describe how I felt. So low, I had to look up to see bottom. Ugh!

Following the game, showered, dressed and was out to meet friends for dinner. Almost decided not to go because of how I felt. Glad I did go, however.

Dinner was with Donna and Terri and Andrea and Joe at Conch Republic. A couple of drinks, good food, excellent company and I felt better.

Oysters and stone crabs! The oysters large and delicious. The stone crabs…..Oh, so good.

On the way home, I made a brief stop at the Chart Room. Not many people. Sat and chatted with John a while. He had just made fresh popcorn. The smell got to be. Enjoyed a small bowel.

Elections still in the air. Reminds me of a Key West election 29 years ago. Captain Tony Tarraceno was running for Mayor. His fourth try. Lost in his previous 3 attempts.

His platform simple: Save as much of the old days and ways as possible.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal endorsed him. Would you believe!

Captain Tony was of the opinion that it took him so long to win because of 2 factors. One, he kissed mothers instead of babies. Second, he used a certain 4 letter word too often.

The Washington Post interviewed him about his use of the word, its effect on his running, etc. The Captain’s response: “I just hope everybody in Key West who uses that word votes for me. If they do, I’ll win in a landslide.”

Apparently enough did. He won the fourth time.

Anti-Semitism is history’s oldest hatred. A creeping sickness. Like cancer.

It is on the rise world wide. Dramatically in Europe and the United States.

A huge problem in France. France has the largest population of Jews than any European country.

Anti-Semitism’s ugly head evidencing itself in the United States in recent years. Incidents of anti-Semitism up 57 percent in 2017. The new-Nazi party has come out of the darkness. Fearlessly open about their hatred. Reveal it in demonstrations.

A form of neo-Nazism has developed in Israel. Not Israelis against Israelis. Rather, Israelis against Palestinians. Israel’s tendencies against the Palestinians described as “Judeo-Nazi tendencies.”

Netanyahu bears the major responsibility. Molded in the same form as Trump. Authoritarian. Nationalistic. A despot in the making. A war monger. He wants to destroy the Palestinians and engage in a war against Iran.

Netanyahu under investigation in his country as Trump in his.

Netanyahu continues to be reelected so I am not sure how his people feel about him. I wonder how Jews outside Israel feel about his Palestinian and Iranian moves.

Enjoy your Sunday!


20 comments on “LOVE IN ITS PUREST FORM

  1. Maybe Trump was right about California fires.
    “California law requires that homeowners in SRA clear out flammable materials such as brush or vegetation around their buildings to 100 feet (or the property line) to create a defensible space buffer. This helps halt the progress of an approaching wildfire and keeps firefighters safe while they defend your home.”
    I wonder how many didn’t?

    • Probably very few, annoying Anonmous person. The people here in California are very conscious about our abnormally dry conditions and the constant threat of fire, just about everywhere. There isn’t anyone I know who lives here who doesn’t keep his yard clean because of the threat, say nothing of our laws. Everybody who lives here has paid to have dead Palm fronds removed from trees on our properties. We also have laws (regulation) about what kind of fire resistant roofs we are required to have. Just about everybody has spent time at least once, hosing down their roofs from burning embers floating from some local fire. So please don’t try and shift the blame on us, we have enough problems without listening to your irresponsible negative fake news network stories.

  2. California has been in a drought cycle some some years. Jerry Brown vetoed a wildfire legislation bill a few years ago that CalFire pushed for years. PG&E has been blamed for 15-20 fires over recent years while the remainder have been caused by carelessness or arson.

    • YOU want to call ME an idiot? YOU who blamed those poor people in Puerto Rico for their plight during the two monster Hurricanes as just ONE example? You Patrick YOU?

  3. I’m the one that spent time in PR working. What the hell did you do except repeat what you heard in the fake news. I stand by my statements. But, I will give you credit for finally putting a name to your comment.

    • You freak – I live in Puerto Rico and you were NOT here back THEN, you lying hyena! You have no idea what it was really like here then when you were trying to lay the blame on us with your FOX news dribble about what was and wasn’t happening. Remember your false BS about how our truck drivers were on strike and refusing to work? And remember your crap about how it wasn’t as bad as was being reported and only 19 people were dead. You are a phony and a total prick.

    • OMG Patrick, you didn’t just say you went to PR after the storms to help out, did you? What kind of poser are you? You were not there then and you yourself posted a lot of terrible things on this very blog blaming them as if it was their fault. What is a matter with you? Don’t you think we all can remember the crap you posted here. Anybody can read those old posts, you know! You are one piece of work, and “work” isn’t the word that I really want to use.

  4. I was there after the storms repairing damage. I know what went on and is still going on. Many arrests have been made. To say differently is plain clueless. Official death tolls are just that, official. Thats the number that has to be stated until changed.

  5. Patrick – You lying sack of dung! You were not in PR after the hurricanes. You tried to claim you were in Key West after Irma, but that was not until November and then only for a few days, which you mostly spent in the Jacuzzi in Marathon at the Marriott Courtyard hotel.

    • OMG, another jerk heard from. I don’t have any more patience for you idiots. However, mickey, you did finally get one thing right. We were in EYW last Nov/Dec [ but not Marathon] for a few days. It seems to me that late Nov. would have been after Irma, like I said, and, like I said, the Hurricane made a mess of the area. And we did talk to quite a few in the old neighborhood. But, thats the only thing you got right. Actually I’m amazed you got that much right. So, You’re getting better. If we come to EYW this year, we need to meet.

      • This isn’t about me you Jerk. It’s about you lying. And yes I got it right, something you don’t ever seem to care enough about or EVER get true.

  6. no patruck it is not all there you do know that if you didn’t go to puerto rico right after hurricane irma you really look like a douche bag especially after grandstanding and challenging everybody else as if this was some sort of really macho tv show. what we do know is that you were nasty to the puerto rican people because we all read your posts on loud blog

  7. Isn’t it possible that the huge increase in devastating wildfires is in direct relationship to the decrease in immigrant lawn care people? Fewer rakers means more dangerous flammable vegetation in homeowners yards.

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